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Latest updates to device software, technical documentation and certification paperwork

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T2 Profile™
T2 Profile™T2 Profile™
LEDBeam 350™
LEDBeam 350™LEDBeam 350™
LEDBeam 350™ FW
LEDBeam 350™ FWLEDBeam 350™ FW
Robe Uploader
Robe UploaderRobe Uploader
T11 Profile™
T11 Profile™T11 Profile™
T11 PC™
T11 PC™T11 PC™
T11 Fresnel™
T11 Fresnel™T11 Fresnel™
LEDBeam 150™
LEDBeam 150™LEDBeam 150™
LEDBeam 150™ FW
LEDBeam 150™ FWLEDBeam 150™ FW
iParFect 150™ FW RGBW
iParFect 150™ FW RGBWiParFect 150™ FW RGBW
iParFect 150™ FW RGBA
iParFect 150™ FW RGBAiParFect 150™ FW RGBA
ParFect 150™ RGBW
ParFect 150™ RGBWParFect 150™ RGBW
ParFect 150™ FW RGBW
ParFect 150™ FW RGBWParFect 150™ FW RGBW
ParFect 150™ RGBA
ParFect 150™ RGBAParFect 150™ RGBA
ParFect 150™ FW RGBA
ParFect 150™ FW RGBAParFect 150™ FW RGBA

This newsletter is summarizing latest release of software updates, technical documents and certifications (Declarations of conformity for CE and UK). Read on for further information.

Since the last technical newsletter we have released updates to software for many devices, together with new or updated documents of technical documentation (technical bulletins, service manuals, user manuals...) and also certification paperwork.

Software updates

This is a list of the most important and most interesting updates. Please use the Robe Uploader for automatic updates of software for Robe fixtures.

LEDBeam 350™

This update is improving thermal management for movement motors (pan/tilt) to ensure correct operating temperatures under various working conditions. At the same time, this software release is bringing improvements to the consistency of LED color mixing and is eliminating a possible loss of LED initialization values, triggered by movement of pan/tilt during handling. This is an update which is important to apply to all LEDBeam 350™ fixtures and we strongly recommend to update all units as soon as possible. Recent changelogs:


- CRI output mode added for RGBA (m,l)

- PanTilt motors thermal management improvement (m)


- eeprom initialization fixed (m)


- Pan/Tilt movement improvement (m)


- Nonwhite LED consistency improvement (l)

- LED calibration loss fixed (l)

- LED Driver reset fixed (l)


Frost thermal management improvement has been released for MegaPointe®, fixing possible heat related issue for Combined frosts usage. It is recommended to apply this update if you have been experiencing frost related issues when using the Combined frost.


- frost thermal management improvement (c1)


- frost thermal management improvement (c1)

T11 Profile™

This is a super exciting update for T11 devices which is improving LED driving, resulting in much higher intensity of the Transferable Engine light output. We have also enhanced the smoothness of the LED driving and continue with work to enhance this further in the future. Recent changelog:


-add LEDs current calibration menu (m)

-add multilevel current control of LED (l2, l3)

-improved linearity (l1)

-add current calibration function (l1, l2, l3)

-fix NFC communication (l1)


FORTE® and ESPRITE® have been updated to further enhance functionality of the HCF (High Color Fidelity) Transferable Engine (TE). In applications where HCF TE is used, the Color Temperature Correction curves have been modified to provide wider range of chromatic color temperature control (all the way down to 2000K) and the Duv (distance from the black body curve) has been improved to ensure minimal Duv tolerances. Recent changelogs:

FORTE® 22021839

- CTO for HCF module improvement (c1,c2)

ESPRITE® 22021840

- CTO for HCF module improvement (c1,c2)

LEDBeam 150™, ParFect 150™, iParFect 150™

Additional intensity calibration per individual color has been added to the Service menu of these devices to ensure wider color compatibility between units. This setting is used during manufacturing calibration process and of course, setting Personality settings or DMX presets of White point 8000K to OFF disables all calibrations completely and allows the units to provide much brighter (albeit non-calibrated) light output.

To the iParFect 150™ we have added a new simple DMX mode for just RGBW color control, together with the additional possibility to save present DMX values as Initial effect positions. This is done via a new range on the Power/Special channel. Recent changelogs:

iParFect 150™ 22022255

-color intensity calibration added (m - sw14, sw45, sw101, sw121)

-color intensity calibration menu added (m - sw14, sw45, sw101, sw121)

-DMX mode 3 added (m - sw14, sw46, sw101, sw121)

-save present DMX values as initial DMX values added (m - sw14, sw46, sw101, sw121)

ParFect 150™ 22022254

-color intensity calibration added (m - sw24, sw45, sw101, sw121)

-color intensity calibration menu added (m - sw24, sw45, sw101, sw121)

LEDBeam 150™ 22030347

-color intensity calibration added (L - sw45, L - sw101, L - sw121)

-color intensity calibration menu added (M - sw36)


We have added LEDBeam 350™ into the devices supported by RoboSpot™. Recent changelog:


- add suppport for LEDBeam350 (dv,rpi)

T2 Profile™

Small improvements have been done to the T2 Profile's optical system driving to improve functions of prism in relation to the rest of the optical system. Recent changelog:


- increase the range of green correction (dv)


- focus/zoom anticollision improvement (o)

- prisma reset improvement (p)

Technical Bulletins

We have uploaded several new technical bulletins to the Support section of the Robe website, including TB84 T1 Calibration, TB83 T2 Calibration, TB86 SpoTE Calibration, TB90 Viva CMY Calibration,

TB91 ForTE Calibration, TB88 Tetra Calibration and Czech translation of the TB35 Robin Touchscreen Display.

Service manuals

New service manual for ProMotion™ has been added and Price list of spare parts as well as the Spares website have been updated to contain these new parts.

Certification documentation

Most Declarations of conformity for products of the Robin series have been updated. These Declarations of conformity are now provided in both CE as well as in UKCA versions.

Robe Uploader

Version 4.12 of the Robe Uploader has been released. This version works around some web certificates related issues on older macOS systems. Using the installer from the download page allows customers with older versions of macOS to continue using the Robe Uploader's auto-update functionality. We have also tested compatibility with the latest Windows 11 systems and can confirm that the Robe Uploader works correctly under this new version of Windows. As before, you should disable firewall (also firewall included with your antivirus software) and allow the Robe Uploader to communicate on Private and Public networks.

Transferable Engine replacement video

The Robe Transferable Engine TE™ technology offers a very simple procedure to inspect and replace the Transferable Engine. The replacement can be carried out in just a few minutes. See this short video demonstrating the procedure.

Transferable Engine replacement video

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