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TETRAgnatha’s are linear bars, built on the highly successful Spiider and Tarrantula technology. TETRA2™ is the larger format of the TETRAgnatha duo.

Generating an ultra-tight 4° beam from each of the 18 pixels, they combine to produce a bright, defined “sheet” of light, desired by Lighting Designers. Seamless curtains of light can be constructed using several fixtures as the detailed design allows any combination of TETRA1™ and TETRA2™ to be placed end to end on stage or truss, whilst maintaining equal spacing between pixels. With the addition of two exclusive Robe patented MCFE™ – Multi-Coloured Flower Effects, the pixel-driven Tetra1 sets itself apart from others by projecting charismatic in- air animations.

The homogenised beams, together with the smooth 11:1 zoom, provide; a wash out to 45°, a footlight, a wall graze or dynamic in-air effects with fast paced sweeping movements. Utilizing our latest L3™ (Low Light Linearity) dimming system for an imperceptible fade to black, the 18-bit control provides ultra-smooth colour mixing across the full colour spectrum. An embedded Ethernet switch and wide range of protocols (sACN, Art-Net or Kling-Net) allow a quick network installation and ease of control from media servers, DMX or the internal effects engine.

  • Light source

    18x 40 W RGBW LED multichips

  • Light output

    8.439 lm

  • Zoom range

    4° - 45°

  • Effects

    2x MCFE™ - Multi-Coloured Flower Effects – creating spectacular multicolour beam effects in the air rotating in both directions at variable speed (patent pending), pixel control, virtual colour wheel, tungsten lamp effect



  • Source

    • Light source type: 18x 40W RGBW LED multichips
    • LED life expectancy: min. 20.000 hours
    • Typical lumen maintenance: 70% @ 20.000 hours
  • Optical System

    • Robe’s proprietary optical design
    • Zoom range: 4°- 45°
    • High efficient component optics
    • Fixture total lumen output: 8.439 lm
  • Dynamic Effects

    • Colour mixing mode RGBW or CMY
    • Individual control of each RGBW pixel
    • Variable CCT: 2.700K - 8.000K
    • Tungsten lamp effect at whites: 2700K - 4200K
    • DataSwatch™ filters: pre-programmed 237 colours and tones including most used whites 2.700K, 3.200K, 4.200K, 5.600K and 8.000K
    • Pre-programmed pixel effects with colour, dimming and strobe chases, waves and pulses at variable speed and direction
    • 2x MCFE™ - Multi-Coloured Flower Effects – creating spectacular multicolour beam effects in the air rotating in both directions at variable speed (patent pending)
    • Motorized zoom
    • 2 independent zoom zones
    • Pre-programmed random strobe & pulse effects
    • Electronic strobe effect with variable speed up to 20 Hz
    • High resolution electronic dimming: 0 - 100%
    • L3™ - (Low Light Linearity) Imperceptible 18 bit dimming for ultra smooth fade to black
  • Control and Programming

    • Setting & Addressing: QVGA Robe touch screen with battery backup, gravitation sensor for auto screen positioning, operation memory service log with RTC, stand-alone operation with 3 editable programs (each up to 88 steps), built-in analyser for easy fault finding
    • Protocols: USITT DMX-512, RDM, Art-Net, MA Net, MA Net2, sACN, Kling-Net
    • REAP™ - Robe Ethernet Access Portal
    • Wireless CRMX™ technology from Lumen Radio: On request
    • DMX Protocol modes: 6
    • Control channels: 34, 56, 97, 115, 110, 128
    • RGBW / CMY: 8 or 16 bit
    • Zoom: 8 or 16 bit
    • Dimmer: 8 or 16 bit (internal 18 bit)
  • Movement

    • Tilt movement: 205°
    • 16 bit movement resolution
    • Controllable speed of Pan/Tilt movement
  • Thermal Specification

    • Maximum ambient temperature: 40°C (104°F)
    • Maximum surface temperature: 70°C (158°F)
    • Minimum operating temperature: -5°C (23°F)
  • Electrical Specification and Connections

    • Power supply: Electronic auto-ranging
    • Input voltage range: 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
    • Power consumption: 600 W at 230 V / 50 Hz
    • Power in/out connector: Neutrik powerCON TRUE1 in/out
    • DMX and RDM data in/out: Locking 5-pin XLR
    • Ethernet port in/out: RJ45
    • Embedded Ethernet switch 10/100 Mbps
  • Mechanical specification

    • Height: 279 mm (11")
    • Width: 1007 mm (39.6")
    • Depth: 192 mm (7.6") - head in horizontal position
    • Weight: 18.1 kg (39.9 lbs)
    • Ingress protection rating: IP20
  • Rigging

    • Mounting points: 2 pairs of 1/4-turn locking points
    • 2x Omega adaptors with 1/4-turn quick locks
    • Universal operating position
    • Safety cable attachment point
  • Included Items

    • User Manual
    • Power cord including powerCON TRUE1 In connector
  • Accessories

    • Safety wire 35 kg
    • Daisy Chain powerCON TRUE1 In/Out, EU, 2m, Indoor: 13052439
    • Daisy Chain powerCON TRUE1 In/Out, US, 2m, Indoor: 13052440
    • Daisy Chain powerCON TRUE1 In/Out, EU, 5m, Indoor: 13052444
    • Single Top Loader Case: 10120259
    • Triple Top Loader Case: 10120264
    • Foam Shell: 20020371
    • Omega Adaptor CL-variable 2pcs in box: 10980550
  • Legal

    • Tetra2™ is a Trademark of Robe lighting s. r. o.
    • Tetra2™ is patented by Robe lighting s. r. o. and protected by one or more pending or issued patents


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