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Technical Bulletins updates, translations and other news

In this technical newsletter we share some news about recent software updates, new Technical Bulletins and their translations and we also provide some information about important details related to long term fixture storage and maintenance during this unplanned downtime.


We have released several updates for our devices, including fixtures in ESPRITE® and Tetra™ families. See most important details below.

  • Robin MMX Blade added to devices supported by RoboSpot

  • Robin MMX Blade™ has been added into the list of supported devices. Make sure to update both the MMX Blade™ and also the RoboSpot™ .

  • Spiider and Tarrantula new LED effects in simpler DMX modes

Besides the existing pattern based animations which Robin Spiider® and Tarrantula™ have been providing, we have now added few simple rolling rainbow effects into those DMX modes where pixel mapping is not available.

RDM Communicator

RDM timing in RDM Communicator™ has been tweaked slightly to ensure compatibility across wider range of devices and manufacturers. Update is done as usual by ROBE Uploader via RUNIT WTX™ or Robe Universal Interface™ .

Ethernet synchronization improvements

We have improved Ethernet to DMX logic inside the RNS2 - Robe Navigation System2 (the QVGA Touch screen menu), for better synchronization in situations where the Robin fixture is used as a node to provide Ethernet to DMX function. We will be rolling this improvement out over time, you can see it marked in chanlogs as “ethernet to DMX synchronisation improvements (dv)”.


User manuals, DMX charts, photometrics, 3D models...

User documentation is regularly being updated so make sure to always download latest version of required file. It is easy to keep the documentation up to date with our mobile apps and also with Resilio file sync.



New Technical Bulletins have been uploaded online: TB72 Esprite_Calibration and TB73 miniPointe Calibration.

TB43 Framing Calibration has been updated, details related to T1 Profile™ and ESPRITE® have been added.

Technical Bulletin translations

Thanks to all the great work of our team members, many of them sheltering at home, translations for a number of Technical Bulletins have been added

  • TB27 Robin CRMX upgrade (DE, FR)

  • TB34 Recommended Toolbox (FR, DE, CZ)

  • TB35 Robin Display (DE, FR)

  • TB43 Framing Calibration (FR)

  • TB53 BMFL CMY Procedure (FR)

  • TB54 ROBE Uploader (DE, FR)

  • TB56 BMFL Beam Exposure Protection (FR)

  • TB61 Pixels detection (FR)

  • TB69 RoboSpot uSD Card (FR)

  • TB70 RoboSpot base upgrade kit RAMBO (FR)

  • TB71 RoboSpot DMX Galvanic isolation (FR)

Make sure to sign-in to see listing of all provided support documents.

Translation portal

To make translations efforts together with continuous updates manageable, we have launched dedicated Robe Translation web portal, where technical documents (typically Technical Bulletins), if prepared for translation, can easily be translated via web interface, string by string. Localized PDF files are then generated with the same style and pictures. We invite all Robe distributors to use this portal, to make localized versions of Technical Bulletins as needed. Please contact Petr Vanek (petr.vanek@robe.cz) for access.

Certification documents

Authorization to mark cETLus has been issued for Tetra2™ and Tetra1™, for LEDWash 800X™, LEDWash 600X™, LEDWash 300X™ and BMFL™ LightMaster Side/Rear, together with TUV Certificates for the same devices, plus for several other Anolis fixtures.

Service Manuals and Price list of spare parts

New service manual for Tetra1™ has been published. Service manual for RoboSpot™ has been updated, adding individual parts for the 17031053 Tripod LM/RoboSpot , updated part list of spares have been uploaded to the Support section of our website. Make sure to sign-in to see listing of these files. The Spares catalog site http://spares.robe.cz/ has been updated as well.


Storage environment

To accommodate this unexpected long storage time, it is important to keep the fixtures in correct environment: dry location (IP20), with maximum 80% non-condensing humidity. Ambient temperatures should be at minimum 0°C (23°F) and maximum 45°C (113°F). Pay attention to non-ventilated warehouses and containers, which can get really hot inside due to direct sunlight.

RNS2 accumulator

To keep the accumulator from damage, it is important to plug Robin fixtures with RNS2 into power at least once in a month, for 7 hours. This will prevent the accumulator from a complete discharge.

Device cleaning after return from rent/event

When receiving and dispatching fixtures for renting, you might want to take some extra steps to prevent further possible contamination to subsequent clients. You should always contact your local health authorities for recommendations of safe handling, recommended materials and cleaning supplies. Under no circumstances should alcohol, solvents, bleach or acetone based products be used.

  1. Follow all current national and local health and safety advisories, including safety gear (face masks, glows...)

  2. Unplug power, remove dirt and dust by vacuuming and low pressure compressed air

  3. Clean external surfaces (covers, handles, buttons, switches…). Use soft lint-free cloth moistened with any weak detergent solution is recommended for cleaning fixture ́s covers, under no circumstances should alcohol or solvents be used! Be very careful with water ingress around the display and it's buttons, also around DMX connectors.

  4. Clean external optics: A soft lint-free cloth moistened with any good glass cleaning fluid is recommended, under no circumstances should alcohol or solvents be used! For products with polycarbonate lenses, use the detailed procedure from user manual:

a. Use low-pressure compressed air to remove coarse dust from lenses.

b. Use distilled water with weak detergent solution and lint-free small cloth for further cleaning of lenses.

c. Use an antistatic, alcohol-free screen cleaner (we recommend the Lyreco Screen Cleaner) and polish lenses until they are dry.

d. Check the lenses are dry before reapplying power.

5. Remove air filters, wash them detergent solution, dry, put back, reset air filters counters

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