Software update improvements for ProMotion, Forte, Esprite, LEDBeam 350 and other devices

Products Involved

T2 Profile™
T2 Profile™T2 Profile™
LEDBeam 350™
LEDBeam 350™LEDBeam 350™

Software updates, service manuals and other releases to technical documentation will be mentioned in this technical newsletter.

Software updates

Robe Uploader

Robe Uploader provides you with a simple way to check for new updates. It shows you all our software updates, together with a listing of changes:

robe uploader

Below are mentioned several interesting and important updates for some products:


Our new ProMotion™ has received a big update adding numerous new features and improvements. To mention just a few... the settings menu has been re-organized to match the Robin series family style menus. We now enable the auto-random gobo presentation mode even if no transition effect is selected - this allows you to very simply program image slideshow just by selecting a single value, rather then having to program each individual gobo transition. Several effects (color effects, strobing) have been reworked to allow synchronized operation between units... plus many more improvements and fixes.


Latest update is bringing in several much wanted power features, such is tracking autofocus (gobo is kept focused while the zoom is moving). Gobo rotation now has a new feature allowing you to go from continuous rotation to indexed position while keeping the speed and direction of the previous spin during the transition. We have also added an option for pan and tilt reset (homing) sequence not to be performed automatically at power up, but allowing you to start the reset only when triggered from DMX. This can allow you to perform the reset even in places with tighter movement restrictions. We have also improved the EMS (Electronic Movement Stabilization) and Quiet mode for fans. Please check description in the updated user manual.


Multiple important changes have been added to the FORTE™ fixture - the Quiet mode feature had been reworked to match the behavior of ESPRITE™ and T2 Profile™, allowing the operator to see changes to the intensity right away while adjusting the fan speed parameter. We have also improved framing shutter movement, allowing the blades to be inserted even more into the beam. As these changes can have some visual effect on previously programmed show, we advice you to check and if needed also adjust your programming after the update.

T2 Profile™

Besides other additions, we have improved framing shutter movement, allowing the blades to be inserted even more into the beam. As these changes can have some visual effect on previously programmed show, we advice you to check and if needed also adjust your programming after the update. We have also starting implementing the new gobo related improvements mentioned above for ESPRITE™ and so the "follow direction" and "follow direction & speed" behavior of gobo has already been added, with more to come over time. After performing this software update, do make sure to perform the "Long store Calibration values procedure", as storing of calibration values was changed slightly in this software release.

LEDBeam 350™

We have improved pan/tilt movement fluency and noise for smoother and quieter operation. The LED color calibration system was improved to allow better values editing and to prevent loss of calibration values. Zoom movement driving was also much improved. This is an important update and all units should be updated as soon as possible.

Electronic Movement Stabilization improvement

The previously mentioned movement improvement of EMS (Electronic Movement Stabilization) has actually been released for several devices, including the FORTE™ , T2 Profile™, iPointe® and Tarrantula™.

Power monitor

Robin FORTE™ , ESPRITE™ and T2 Profile™ are mentioning in their Software changelog a new "power monitor" feature being added. This is an additional detection of presence of 48V on each PCB, allowing you to see for example if a fuse on a particular PCB needs replacing. This can be checked in the menu → Information → Software versions screen, where a PCB would be indicated as N/A (not available) in this case. At the same time a "Communication error" would be present in the Errors screen.

Check out the Robe Uploader for full list of software updates, together with detailed description of the Changelogs. Also, check user manuals of the updated fixtures if you need more information about the added features.

Technical documentation

Service manuals and price list of spare parts

We have released service manual for the new T2 Profile™. We have also added service manual for ten device of the Eminere family. At the same time, price list and have been updated to contain these new parts. The spare parts pricelist has also been adjusted to include change to the prices of spare parts, starting from June 1st 2021.

Technical bulletins

Following new technical bulletins have been uploaded to the website:

  • Technical Bulletin 75 - Tetra Beam Adjustments, a guide for a procedure of Tetra optic straightening adjustment.

  • Technical Bulletin 76 - Tarrantula resonance prevention, providing a description on how to minimize possible audible effects of tilt movement resonance at certain tilt speeds.

User manuals and certification documents

User manuals are kept updated and therefore we regularly upload new versions, you can either always get a fresh copy from our website or you can also sync our documentation folders to your device as per our documentation.


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