Software improvements and documentation updates. ParFect S1 thermal improvements.

Since last technical newsletter, many software updates had been released, several new service manuals published online and other technical documentation files provided new or updated... read on for more details.

Software updates

We have released software updates for several fixtures, including MegaPointe®, pixelPATT™, Viva™ CMY, Viva™, LEDBeam 150™, Spiider®, Spikie®, MMX Spot™, MMX WashBeam™, MMX Blade™ with improvements to behavior of individual fixture. Please see changelog of each update on product pages.

Notable changes in software:

In Spiider, we have slightly adjusted dimmer to even more reduce dimmer lag, so dimmer is now very snappy. At the same time, CTO channel behavior was fixed, so make sure to update all units to perfectly match each other in all details.

MegaPointe has received multiple improvements, including changes to internal elements (like prisms and frosts) resets routines. We have added parking position to DMX charts, to provide simple way to let the head go down with gravity upon power off, to prevent sun beam from entering through front lens. The display's on screen keyboard has been improved to provide button only navigation where required. This change will over time be propagated to other fixtures.

MMX fixtures have received better detection for presence of CRMX Wireless card.

ROBE Uploader has been updated to accommodate all nuances and specific timing requirements for all possible update methods (single and multi mode over DMX, RDM and Ethernet). As the software auto-updates itself during each startup, make sure to connect your computer online next time before you run ROBE Uploader.


Parfect S1 thermal improvements

During summer time we have improved software routines for internal thermal control in ParFect S1™, mainly for the 6000K 23° version. You must update all units to ensure perfect operation. The software is readily available via ROBE Uploader.


Service manuals and price list of spare parts

With the release of Service Manual for MegaPointe®, we have updated price list of spare parts. It also contains latest additions for BMFL™ LightMaster, which we have also released service manual for.


User manuals, DMX charts, 3D and exterior dimensions

For upcoming inclusion of several new product to be controllable by the RoboSpot™ , we have released changes to DMX charts of DL7S Profile™, DL4S Profile™, Pointe® and  MegaPointe®. User manuals for these and many other fixtures are also being continuously kept up to date, as it is also the case for 3D symbol and exterior dimensions for fixtures and foam cases.


Updated Declaration of conformity and TUV certificates have been published for LEDWash 1200™ and ClubScan 250 CT. ATM to mark cETLus has been now updated to include LEDBeam 100™, LEDBeam 150™, ParFect 100™ ,  ParFect 150™, LiteWare™ HO2 / LiteWare™ Satellite2 and HALO RGB™ / Halo Driver™.


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