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Service manuals, software updates and special bulletins addressing damage caused by external beams

We have released several software updates, service manuals, technical bulletins and updated many user manuals and other technical documentation.

Technical bulletins about Externally caused damage:

External beams of lighting fixtures (beams, spots, lasers) and of sun, can, within minutes of exposure, cause huge damage not only to the exterior of a light, but also to the internals of lighting units, causing serious burning damage. We have been providing many warnings within our User Manuals. In order to provide more education to our customers, we have created two specialized Technical Bulletins: TB60 - Externally caused damage and TB56 BMFL Beam Exposure Protection to remind everybody of these issues and to explain, that external beams can cause damage not only during shows but also during preparation, unpacking, setup and during idle times on the stage. Do make sure to read user manuals together with these technical bulletins, where we not only explain the issue but also provide some solutions via DMX triggered "parking positions before power down", allowing the units to point down to the ground upon powering off.


Technical documentation:

Since last technical newsletter, we have uploaded many updated or newly created user manuals, exterior dimensions files, DMX charts, 3D symbols, gobo, prism and color wheel definitions and other files, in order to keep all documentation current and complete.


Software Updates:

ROBE Uploader allows you to check updates to the software for all fixtures, including list of changes for each individual product, so i will list only most notable changes here now:

RoboSpot™ support was added to several other products, including MegaPointe®, DL4S Profile™ and Pointe®.

Software update for MegaPointe® improves internal communication, adds repeated lamp start in case lamp was too hot to start for the first time and adds Parking position for sun prevention as per above.


Service manuals:

We have released service manuals for multiple new products, including BMFL™ LightMaster Side, RoboSpot™ BaseStation, RoboSpot™ MotionCamera, BMFL™ FollowSpot and onePATT™. List of spare parts has been updated to contain newly added components.