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Functionality improvements for RoboSpot, MotionCamera and LightMaster together with deeper integrations between RoboSpot and ROBE BMFL fixtures have been released. Updated DMX Input switching has been updated on most Robin series units with touch screen display RNS2 menu interface. New and updated service manuals, parts list, user manuals, dmx charts, noise measurements... read on for more details.

RoboSpot software update

We have released software update for RoboSpot and LightMaster (It is the same update file for both units. In the ROBE Uploader, it's called LightMaster.lib). This is a very important update which adds many functional properties and it also rapidly improves behavior of the RoboSpot system as a whole.


One of the biggest features of this update is much improved camera latency. The operator's first person view has been greatly sped up, providing almost real-time preview of the situation on the stage. RoboSpot is able to automatically detect and configure MotionCamera(s) connected in the setup, so besides RoboSpot base station update, no further configuration or tweaking is necessary.

For faster and more precise response to operator's pan/tilt driving, the touch-screen interface now contains several movement related options:

Pan/tilt offsets, allowing fast and accurate positional settings between RoboSpot and all controlled devices

Tracking speed selector, to adjust response speed of controlled BMFL unit(s)

Possibility to change resolution of the RoboSpot handles - low, medium, high. This is done by long-press of Pan or Tilt Enable buttons and is then indicated by changed color of the Pan/Tilt offset on the touch screen. The same sensitivity settings can now be adjusted for any attributes mapped to any Rotary encoder.

Other important improvements have been done on the save/restore procedure for Pan/Tilt positions, offsets and preset saving. New options for remote Enabling and/Disabling of partial or complete follow spot operation via DMX have also been added - these options can now be found in DMX Charts for supported BMFL fixtures.

Updating RoboSpot base station software

Do note, that to enable all new features, you must update RoboSpot base station and also all BMFL fixtures controlled by the RoboSpot system.

RoboSpot software update is done via network connection between computer running ROBE Uploader software through the CAMERA input (RJ45) of RoboSpot base station. It is important to note, that computer IPv4 address has to be set to 10.x.x.x network (for example with netmask . During the update, FollowSpot Controller has to be attached to the RoboSpot.

Step by step procedure

Connect computer running ROBE Uploader to the internet and update software libraries (Libraries → Update)

Connect computer and RoboSpot base station via Ethernet cable

Use Camera input RJ45 socket on RoboSpot base station for this connection

Set computer to address 10.x.x.x/ (do note the 10.x.x.x)

Do not change any IP settings on RoboSpot

Use ROBE Uploader → Devices → Discovery and Devices → Update. This will update RoboSpot together with the attached FollowSpot Controller panel

User manual for RoboSpot has already been partially updated and newly added software features are still being documented for better user experience.


Software Updates

Most fixtures of Robin series with touch screen display RNS2 menu interface have received update with improved DMX Input switching.


Service manuals and list of spare parts

New and updated service manuals have been released for PATT 2013™, pixelPATT™ and PATT Driver, LEDWash 600+™, LEDWash 300+™. Price and part list of spare parts have been updated to contain all newly added or updated parts.


User Manuals and DMX Charts, measurements

We have added many new and updated User Manuals and DMX charts. Most changes in existing User Manuals and DMX Charts have been related to RoboSpot integration (BMFL units). New noise measurements document for Viva™ CMY  has been uploaded online.

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