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Robin T1 - improvements to internal communication, Ethernet as a backup function and other updates

Since our last Technical Newsletter on December 17th we have released multiple software updates with important features, additions and improvements. This newsletter is covering them in detail, read on for further information.

Robin T1

Improvements to internal communication

The most important update of this technical newsletter is a new software release for T1 fixtures, where we have improved internal communication. This is fixing an issue responsible for a possibility of an internal reset of optical or framing shutter systems. This reset would only happen when the dimmer was closed, so it could happen without any noticeable interruption of the function of the devices. Still, this is a very important update and we strongly recommend to update all T1 Profiles and Washes (Fresnel and PC).

Ethernet as a backup for DMX signal

In the same software update we have improved motor driving and motor detection and as of this week, we have also added new support for Ethernet as a backup function, which allows you to receive DMX signal on both, DMX line and Ethernet interfaces while DMX line is the primary source and the Ethernet data is used as a backup in case of interruption on the DMX line. This adds another layer of redundancy to your lighting system. To use this feature, in the menu "DMX Input" you select Ethernet and in the "Ethernet settings", you choose the new "Ethernet as Backup" item. Plug in both DMX and Ethernet cables and provide DMX data on these cables. As long as there is a signal on the DMX cable, the fixture is using this data for the input and the front menu of the display is showing DMX address (indicating that DMX line is being used). If DMX signal stops coming in for any reason, the unit immediately switches to the Ethernet signal and the front menu of the display now shows IP address, DMX address and universe to indicate that Ethernet signal is used. Once the signal from DMX line is restored the unit immediately switches to it. At this point, T1 Profile™ is the first device where you can use it but we will add it to more devices over time.

Improving your programming with Robe specific features

During last year, we have released several updates for the ESPRITE® and FORTE® luminairs with new features that have been targeting some specific aspects of lighting systems and programing. In our new short video, Dave Whitehouse is going over these features while demonstrating their usage. These examples include focus tracking (so called autofocus), customizable pan/tilt reset, transitions between gobo rotation and gobo indexing, or super square low dimming curve.


See the video here.

Other software updates in a quick list

  • RDM PID for reading air filters timer was added to SilverScan™, allowing remote checking of Air filters timer.

  • Frost thermal management improvement has been released for MegaPointe®, fixing possible heat related issue for Combined frosts usage. It is recommended to apply this update if you have been experiencing frost related issues when using the Combined frost.

  • Support for new type of screen and touch driver was added to RoboSpot.

To update Robe devices please use the Robe Uploader: download, documentation.


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