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Robin Spikie software update with improved strobing and different DMX table layout

Robin Spikie has received new software update full of improvements.

products involved

We have released new software update for Spikie®. It brings several improvements including better dimming curve, increased flower engine motor power, much improved strobing with more randomness and higher intensity during strobes and better prism resetting.

This update also changes DMX charts. This change is done in order to simplify access to the new Spikie Flower effect and due to this, we have slightly modified layout of the DMX table. The new Flower effect controlling logic is now the same as for example for Prism or Rotating Gobos - there is no more need to enable/disable the effect explicitly, simply use it via it's Flower Effect Channel - either statically (value 128), or rotating in both direction. Do note, that this change will break existing programs and we apologize for the inconvenience. Number of channels remains the same, but essentially, we have swapped channels 21 and 22 around and have removed the unnecessary option to enable/disable the Flower effect, as it is now newly automatically enabled when used either via Flower Effect, or Flower Effect & Rotating Prism Macros channels. Same logic will be used in the upcoming Robin SPIIDER8 and therefore we do want to make sure that our products use similar logic.

See the schematics of this change in the gallery below, showing the difference done on the Flower Effect channels - it is only a small change.

Identification of older/newer version is simple: Old DMX charts are V1.1, New DMX Charts are V1.2 and higher. In the Spikie itself, you can check software version via menu: Info → SW Ver → IC1. Old software version that uses old DMX charts is 2.1 and smaller. Software version 2.2 and higher uses the new DMX Charts.

At the same time, we are updating default value of the Color Mix Control channel to Additive mixing, to provide even more convenience while programming.

As usual, we have already notified all major desk manufacturers to update DMX desk libraries.

You can download latest software from the product page (link here), DMX chart and User manual are available on this link.

Robin Spikie software update with improved strobing and different DMX table layout
Spikie DMX update