Robe ROBIN Roadshow in Spain

As Robe's ROBIN International Roadshow continues its way around the world, it is proving once again to be a hugely successful and invaluable communications tool for demonstrating products in-depth, and in a relaxed and focussed environment to key clients and potential new users and specifiers.

The latest stop was in Spain, where two events - Barcelona on the east Coast and Santiago de Compostela capital and economic hub of the autonomous community of Galicia - were co-ordinated by distributor Lexon.

The Roadshow included a detailed look at the latest launched products, including the ROBIN 600 LED Wash and the ROBIN 600 Series Spot, Wash & Beam, along with the ROBIN 300 Series Plasma Spot and Wash, the CitySkape 48 and 96 LED wash units and the CitySkape Xtreme.

The Barcelona event was staged at the warehouses of leading Catalonian rental company Albadalejo, who are themselves poised to confirm a new order for 30 ROBIN LEDWash 600s. There was a general 'walk-through' of all the fixtures led by Robe's Ingo Dombrowski, Key Account Manager for Europe.

In Galicia, the Roadshow was held at rental company Esmuli, which is run by colourful local entrepreneur Lito. Esmuli already owns over 100 Robe moving lights and their staff and technicians were able to answer any queries with hands-on experience from visitors about the reliability of Robe and how the lights handle as workhorse rental items.

Visitors to both events included lighting and visual designers, programmers, rental and installation companies and venue technical managers from a wide cross section of industry sectors including live concerts and events, TV and theatre. The lighting department from Galicia TV also made an appearance in Santiago de Compostela.

The fixtures all attracted a lot of interest, with the ROBIN 600 Spot and Beam in particular ... and of course, the fabulous LEDWash 600, which WOWS the crowds wherever it goes!

The LEDWash 600 features making an impression were its size, weight, power and excellent smooth, even colour mixing.

Robe's new 'Think of The Future - Consider Nature' initiative was also much talked about, as the importance of helping make the entertainment industry greener and more environmentally conscious in the future hits home.

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