Robe ROBIN Roadshow in Denmark

Products Involved

CitySkape 48™
CitySkape 48™CitySkape 48™
CitySkape Xtreme™
CitySkape Xtreme™CitySkape Xtreme™
CitySource 96™
CitySource 96™CitySource 96™
LEDWash 600™
LEDWash 600™LEDWash 600™
ROBIN® 300 Plasma Spot
ROBIN® 300 Plasma SpotROBIN® 300 Plasma Spot
ROBIN® 300 Plasma Wash
ROBIN® 300 Plasma WashROBIN® 300 Plasma Wash
ROBIN® 600E Beam
ROBIN® 600E BeamROBIN® 600E Beam
ROBIN® 600E Spot™
ROBIN® 600E Spot™ROBIN® 600E Spot™
ROBIN® 600E Wash
ROBIN® 600E WashROBIN® 600E Wash

The Robe ROBIN International Roadshow in Denmark was hosted by Robe's distributor Light Partner in the Nordisk Film Studios, Copenhagen, in a very well prepared and promoted event.

Robe's Key Account Manager for Europe Ingo Dombrowski presented the sessions, together with Brian Hessellund and Jeppe Nygaard from Light Partner, using the standard set of Roadshow products - the ROBIN 600 LED Wash and the ROBIN 600 Series Spot, Wash & Beam, along with the ROBIN 300 Series Plasma Spot and Wash, the CitySkape 48 and 96 LED wash units and the CitySkape Xtreme.

Fourteen groups of guests visited over the 2 days, representing a dynamic cross section of the industry, including rental companies, theatres, television and clubs.

The ROBIN LEDWash 600 and the 600 Series - Spot, Wash and Beam fixtures attracted the most attention, with people liking the compact size, light weight, low power consumption and smooth, even colour mixing, particularly on the LEDWash 600.

With Denmark being an extremely environmentally conscious nation, the eco-friendliness of Robe's latest technology was a real selling point, along with the company's genuine commitment to producing cutting edge greener products, which impressed everyone, along the "Think of the Future - Consider Nature" initiative that was launched at PLASA 2010.

With the time and space to give every visitor premium attention and discuss their needs and interests in depth, Dombrowski and the team received plenty of invaluable feedback, confirming that everyone was generally very impressed with the products, philosophies and direction of Robe.

Brian Hessellund from Light Partner comments, "The Roadshow underlined the strong partnership between us and Robe, showing that we take the long term promotion and investment of the brand extremely seriously".

Dombrowski concludes, "Hats off to Light Partner who organised everything perfectly and succeeded in getting a great selection of key companies and individuals to attend".

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