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LEDWash 300™
LEDWash 300™LEDWash 300™

Robe's Ingo Dombrowski and Petr Vanek joined forces with the Studio Berar crew to present the Serbian leg of Robe's ROBIN International Roadshow in Belgrade's Belexpocentar.

This was the first ever open day event for Robe in Serbia, and the 1 day event was attended by a staggering record turnout of over 600 people!

Highlighted products included the fabulous Robe ROBIN LEDWash 600 which is taking the lighting world by storm .... along with the new ROBIN 600 Series - Spot, Wash and Beams; CitySkape 48s, CitySource 96s and CitySkape Xtremes. Fixtures from the established 700 and 1200 and 2500 AT ranges were also on display as were the Digital Spot 7000 and 3000DT moving projectors.

Attendees included representatives and technical directors from all the country's main TV stations, plus LDs and operators, theatre and rental company staff - a broad cross section of the industry involved in installations, live events and recorded shows of all types.

The products creating the biggest buzz were the ColorSpot 2500E ATs, which are still one of the most popular, brightest and most reliable large lightsources on the market today.

.... and of course the new ROBIN LEDWash 600.

The LEDWash is arguably the best LED wash light currently available - addressing all the issues raised by the earlier released competitive products, like blocky LED shadows and the inability to make a pure and proper white or nice pastels.

All this and a whole lot more is offered by the LEDWash 600, and Robe's confidence for its winning product has been underlined by record sales of the fixture.

The fixture's colour mixing in particular was well received in Serbia, together with the versatile 15 - 60 degree zoom. Low power consumption is also an area of interest in relation to professional lighting applications generally.

Says Dombrowski, "This Roadshow was extremely well presented and a massive success that has generated loads of interest".

The full day of equipment demonstrations was followed by a dinner and then an Open Night event arranged by Studio Berar´s rental department in another part of the Belexpocentar, featuring live music by the NS Funky Band.

Studio Berar´s Slobodan Veckalov adds, "It was a pleasure to host the Roadshow and we want to thank Robe for their great support. For us it was a great opportunity to show our customers how dedicated and professional we are about our business. Robe helped us in supplying lots of equipment and marketing collateral, and their products are the first choice for many LDs and lighting directors here".

Whilst the Robe Roadshow equipment was still in Belgrade, Studio Berar also did an additional on-site presentation for the national TV network RTS1. This was a great success ....... so watch this space !!!

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