Robe LEDForce for HeronBridge College, Johannesburg

Products Involved

LEDForce 18™ RGBW
LEDForce 18™ RGBWLEDForce 18™ RGBW

Thirty of Robe’s LEDForce 18 fixtures – a popular and practical LED unit with a PAR can-like output – were specified by South African theatre lighting designer / consultant Denis Hutchinson for a brand new multi-purpose auditorium at HeronBridge College in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg, South Africa.

The college is a privately owned independent establishment and the tender to supply lighting for the new-build space was won by top SA lighting sales and distribution company,  DWR.

Denis is a leading lighting practitioner in SA and explains that one of the challenges in choosing lighting for educational establishments is that very often the gear will be used only for three weeks of the year, so the trick is not to over-spec or over spend!

He was very keen to integrate LED and conventional lighting on this project and the multi-purpose nature of the hall meant that anything from choir practices, shows and performances to graduation ceremonies had to be catered for. The hall will also be used for examinations and general assemblies.

Most of the LEDForce 18s are above the stage area, rigged on three LX bars each with 8 fixtures, with the remaining six on the front-of-house bar to provide a front colour wash and also to cover the choir area.

All the bars are dead hung and accessed via a mobile tower scaffold, which is another reason for choosing LEDs which require little or no maintenance and have a long lifespan.

He adds that now the cost of good quality LED fixtures is becoming more reasonable, it’s increasingly an option for installations like this.

“Robe’s LEDForce are a step forward from the previous generation of LEDs. They have a really good dimming curve, specially at the bottom end,” he comments.

With the LEDForce being an RGBW fixture (as opposed to RGB) there are now more options for creating a tungsten type feel to the output and price wise, it competes favourably with a small fresnel … but offering a load more options!Another bonus in the South African climate is the lack of heat output from the LEDs, all helping to reduce air conditioning costs – both financially and in terms of energy consumption!

Last year Denis also specified Robe fixtures extensively for the new high profile Soweto Theatre and has used the brand on several other projects.

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