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ColorSpot 1200 AT™
ColorSpot 1200 AT™ColorSpot 1200 AT™
ROBIN® 300E Spot
ROBIN® 300E SpotROBIN® 300E Spot

Birmingham (UK) based Pre Production Services, which specialises in lighting console hire, is headed by Colin Wood who has been a professional Lighting Designer since 2005 and has worked internationally on a plethora of different theatre based shows including musicals, dramas and cruise ship based productions.

He first started using Robe in his work in 2010 on the P&O cruise ship Ventura, which had ColorSpot 700E ATs and DigitalSpot 7000s in the main theatre lighting rig. He was on-board for three weeks and in that time worked all of the lights extremely hard.  He was impressed with the reliability which was spot-on.

Robe fixtures now figure regularly in Colin’s designs.

More recently, he has lit two shows at the Grand Theatre in Blackpool – ‘Step Back In Time’ and ‘Ooh La La’, starring Canon and Ball.

The shows were a high energy fusion of dancing and international speciality acts, and the moving light rig was all-Robe, with a mix of ROBIN 300E Spots and ColorSpot 1200E ATs.

Throughout the seven week run, with two shows a day, there was not a single issue with any of the Robes - to the amazement of the local crew!For Colin, the 300E Spots were the real stars of the show, “They had a tough job fighting with a substantial generic rig .. which they cut through brilliantly,” he declares.

He has also just lit a production of ‘Annie’ at the New Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham, which by complete contrast to the Blackpool shows, needed quiet and graceful fixtures that could deliver warm and natural colours.The majority of the moving lights were again Robe - ROBIN 300E Spots and Washes. “Once again they proved themselves to be 100% reliable and delivered at every level”.

For both sets of productions, the lighting equipment was supplied by Blackburn based HSL and the shows were designed and programmed by Colin on Hog 4 and Full Boar 4 consoles from Pre Production Services.

“Without doubt” his favourite Robe product at the moment is the 300E Spot. “The size and light weight make it ideal for smaller venues, where weight loading is so often an issue, yet it packs such a punch in intensity!” He says it is by far the “Brightest fixture in its class” that he’s encountered to date, and also appreciates the smooth colour mixing, the speed and the excellent zoom.

Colin remarks that his perception of the Robe brand is, “Great value fixtures offering the newest innovations that are beautifully refined and bullet-proof in terms of reliability!”

He is planning to use them again on his busy autumn schedule.

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