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Robe Cooks Up Some Magic

US rock singer and songwriter David Cook shot to fame as the winner of the seventh edition of American Idol in 2008, since then his diverse talents have ensured that his career has sustained and developed to new levels.

products involved

He has just embarked on a 15 state US tour to promote his "This Loud Morning" album which is co-headlined with Gavin DeGraw with Scott Warner as lighting designer.

Scott uses Robe REDWash 3●192 LED fixtures as an integral part of his 'specials' rig, and admits that he'd never watched American Idol up until the seventh series, during which his wife Priscilla became a bit of a David Cook fan. He admits that the first time he heard him sing he was impressed enough to watch the rest of the series and even vote for Cook!

Three years later and he is LD'ing the tour - his first for Cook - after being recommended by various people to tour manager Jody  Natchtigal.

The tour is primarily visiting colleges and theatre venues. The lighting that they are carrying - supplied by TMS from Omaha, Nebraska - is a floor based system that can augment the house overhead systems which they are also using at each venue.

Scott was keen to avoid any of the usual floor package clichés like vertical trusses with a moving light on top, and instead designed a configuration - of which the REDWashes are at the core -  that would tuck neatly in behind the band and not need supporting on heavy 'tank trap' floor bases that are anathema to all stage hands!

Two of the six Robe REDWash fixtures are positioned at the downstage edges of the performance area, shooting across the front line, with the other four behind the artists - two each side, pointing forwards. All are an integral part of the rig, specified by Scott to produce "An overwhelming wash of beautiful colours that will WOW the crowds".

As he is also tasked with lighting co-headliner Gavin DeGraw, Scott has to create two completely different looking concepts from the one floor package, elements of which are also used to light opener Carolina Liar.

Scott has previously used REDWashes on the 2009 Pussycat Dolls tour which toured Europe and Australia, and was so impressed with the fixtures that he's been waiting for the appropriate opportunity to use them on a US tour ever since.

They are used as cyc lights and moving effects for Gavin's set, and then as straight 'in-the-face' power washes for David Cook's show. Scott loves them for being "Fast, beautiful, light and very reliable".

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania based Scott has been using Robe products on his design projects for the last four years, and comments, "I think Robe is a truly innovative company, with extremely well built and engineered products and a forward thinking outlook. I will use their fixtures whenever I get the chance".

He also thinks that Robe's LED products produce some of the best colours that he has ever seen.

Photo Credit: Scott Warner