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Robe at Mediatech Africa 2011, Johannesburg

Robe lighting continued its round of international trade shows and exhibitions at Mediatech Africa, staged in The Dome, Northgate, Johannesburg, South Africa, where South African distributor DWR Distribution ensured there was a real buzz of excitement around the booth.

Robe lighting's Sales director Harry von den Stemmen was there to catch the action, energy, warm, positive vibes and the massive interest in the latest Robe products, specifically the new ROBIN MMX Spot.

In 2010, South Africa was the fastest expanding single territory in Robe's international dealer network, in part due to the FIFA World Cup soccer championship, and also due to the general proactivity of the DWR sales force, which has established the full range of Robe products throughout the SA rental and installation markets.

The DWR booth was busy and buzzing for all three days of the show - right up to closing time on Day 3, and they saw people from Namibia, Ghana, Nigeria and Botswana, as well as from all regions of South Africa.

The new Robe lighting MMX Spot is the first of a completely new generation of 1200 type moving light fixtures. It is super-bright, featuring a unique Dual Graphic Wheel for the creation of truly amazing effects, and uses the Philips Platinum 35 lamp, with a very short arc, consuming just 800 Watts of power. At 25Kgs, the MMX continues Robe's 'smaller, lighter and brighter' design concept in style. Other effects enhancing its value as a creative lighting tool include 2 rotating gobo wheels, Iris, a 5 facet prism and an impressive 8.5 - 46 degree zoom range. It also has an extremely useful remote hot-spot control.

The Robe ROBIN 600 LEDWash - arguably the best LED wash light currently on the market and Robe's biggest selling fixture for a decade - was also very popular, along with the smaller and extremely cute ROBIN 300 range of Spot, Wash and Beam fixtures.

All signs are that 2011 will be equally as successful for Robe in South Africa.