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Robe at Frankfurt 2010

Robe lighting gets 2010 off to a proactive start with 11 new product launches on stand C35 in Hall 11.1 at Prolight+Sound Frankfurt 2010

The popular new generation ROBIN Series of moving lights is expanded to include a powerful and versatile 600 range and a Classic 300 range of fully-featured value-conscious units.

The ColorBeam 2500E AT is added to Robe’s AT Series, taking the concept of concentrated high powered lightsources into a new dimension, and Light4ce is a new robust and very bright range of indoor and outdoor LED fixtures.

ColorBeam 2500E AT™

Following the phenomenal success of Robe’s ColorBeam 700E AT, a brand new high powered ColorBeam 2500E AT™ fixture is launched – and becomes the most powerful moving head yet to be designed and produced by Robe.

ColorBeam 2500E AT™ delivers an exceptionally bright and intense beam light output, and is designed for the large scale applications where extremely powerful tight beam-effect fixtures are required. A Multi-step zoom facility provides variable beam size from between 1.5 and 10 degrees. Rotating gobos and rotating prisms can be used to create spectacular mid-air effects and there is also full CMY/CTO and variable frost for creating fabulous washing effects in a wide variety of colours.

This very exciting product has been developed in response to feedback from designers and specifiers of all types, and is in a class of it’s own.

It uses a compact high-pressure Philips MSR Gold 1500 FastFit metal halide lamp and has a dichroic glass reflector for maximising the light efficiency.

ColorSpot 1200E AT Profile™

The Profile version of Robe's flagship ColorSpot 1200E AT series drew a lot of interest from theatre and TV market after its preview at the last PLASA show.

On top of many features and functions of ColorSpot 1200E AT it has inbuilt modular framing shutters that enable the fixture to be used like any standard profile discharge lightsource, when very precise framing and pin-pointing of objects and areas onstage is required.

For full flexibility, the framing shutter module uses 4 rotating blades, and the final framed image can also be rotated. A newly included linear variable frost allows smooth scene transitions and blends.

ROBIN® 600E Spot

The ROBIN 600E Spot has an incredibly bright light output - thanks to a special optical system and new Philips 575W discharge lamp it is giving the same or higher output than 700W fixtures on the market today, which makes it also a super energy-efficient. The very strong light-output can be maximised by using ROBE‘s unique HotSpot Control system together with the linear iris to create very powerful beam effects. The hot spot intensity is even brighter than that of 1200W fixtures!

An innovative patented cooling system ensures the best lamp operating temperatures and allows DMX controlled noise reduction. Users have complete control of all features on this fixture, making it ideal for environments where noise levels are critical and light output requirements are high.

The lightsource is a brand new compact high-pressure metal halide Philips MSR Gold 575/2 MiniFastFit lamp, just launched at the Frankfurt show.

ROBIN® 600E Wash

The ROBIN 600E Wash also features a fantastic light output and lower power requirements – thanks to the new 575W lamp and optimized optical path comprising of carefully selected components.

A unique silent control system enables users to carefully adjust the desired noise levels while maintaining the best lamp operating temperatures, due to the newly patented lamp cooling system.

All “top hat” accessories are compatible with the new ROBIN 600E Wash fixture.

ROBIN® 600E Beam

The ROBIN 600E Beam has an amazing linear iris ranging between 1 and 6.5 degrees.

By implementing this feature over a wider range, users can have full control over the beam size. It has also enabled the provision of more gobos in the gobo wheels for customizable beam shaping. Two ‘black-hole’ positions are available for a full and fast blackout in dark-sensitive environments.

The extended focusing range also allows for very precise focusing, starting with the closer distances.

Robe’s ROBIN ‘Classic’ series offers all the functionality and quality engineering of the ROBIN brand in a compact and cost-effective package ideal for multiple applications.

ROBIN® 300 Beam Classic

The Robin 300 Beam Classic uses a Philips MSD Gold 300/2 Mini FastFit lamp and has a beam angle of 1.5 °– 6.5 °, complete with dichroic glass reflector for maximising the light output.

There is a colour wheel with 7 replaceable ‘Slot&Lock’ dichroic filters, plus both static and rotating gobo wheels.

A variable frost effect ensures a smooth transition in effect from a beam light to a regular wash light and there is also full dimming, variable strobe effect and pan/tilt of 540/260 degrees.

The lamp is a compact high-pressure metal halide Philips MSD Gold 300/2 MiniFastFit

ROBIN® 300 Spot Classic

This fixture has a host of specially designed modular features including a 12°–36° zoom, colour wheel, rotating gobo wheel, colour/gobo wheel, rotating prism and many others.

The ROBIN 300 Spot Classic is a punchy profile fixture with features such as linear zoom, a full package of rotating gobos, colour – gobo wheel including 4 colours and 5 static gobos and a standard colour wheel.

Up to 24 colour mixes can be achieved with a combination of the colour and colour/gobo wheels.

ROBIN® 300 Wash Classic

This is a flexible, lightweight, silent fixture with a zoom range of 10 °– 35 °. The compact dimensions of the ROBIN 300 Wash Classic make it easy to conceal in smaller spaces and for more discreet installations, whilst providing an extremely efficient light output and a stunning colour range from the gentlest of pastels to the richest of saturates.

The enhanced CMS system mixes real colour correction quickly and accurately. The 7+1 colour wheel with its easily replaceable magnetic positions can spin rainbow effects at high and low speeds.


Robe uses its considerable expertise and resources in LED manufacture to launch Light4ce - a new series of LED products.

LEDForce LED PARs have been developed to complement and/or replace conventional PARs in clubs, installations, rental applications and any other market needing a true "workhorse" fixture. Bringing all the advantages of low power, LEDForce products are virtually maintenance free and have a massively longer life expectancy than conventional PARs.


This unit utilises a new compact tri-colour and quad-colour LED technology driven by a 7 x 3 in 1 RGB LED or a 7 x 3 in 1 RGBW LED multichip, all in a tough small housing.

The fixture features a very bright beam, smooth homogenised colour mixing with no pixelating or multi-colour shadows.

LEDForce 18 eXterior™ RGB/RGBW & LEDForce 18™ RGB/RGBW

This fixture also uses tri-colour and quad-colour LED technology with an 18 x 3 in 1 RGB LED or an 18 x 3 in 1 RGBW LED multichip.

It is IP 65 rated for external use, and has superior colour mixing with no multi-colour shadows. The extremely bright beam has a 25° angle, and it’s housed in a tough aluminium die cast shell.

The LEDForce 18™ RGB/RGBW fixture is an indoor unit with exactly the same spec as the LEDForce 18 eXterior™ RGB/RGBW.


In addition to all these launches, Robe will be showing a new range of Fog & Haze machines on its stylish and busy stand - C35 in Hall 11.1 - including the CitySkape 48™, the CitySkape Xtreme™ and the CitySource 96™ architectural LED fixtures and the hugely popular ColorBeam 700E AT™, all of which have been enormous successes since their release 6 months ago.

LEDForce 18 eXterior™
CitySource 96™