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Service documentation

New service manuals have been released for RoboSpot™ BaseStation , Strobe IP™ , MiniMe DV® and Tarrantula™, providing exploded views, schematics and list of parts for these four products. Spares list has been updated to contain all the newly added parts, together with an update to the . You must be signed in to the to have access to these documents (this applies mostly to Robe distributors and to certified technicians).


Certification and User manuals

Many user manuals have been updated to keep them up-to date and to clean some typos. New or updated Declarations of conformity and TUV certificates have been uploaded online for the following products: BMFL™ FollowSpot , BMFL™ LightMaster Side/Rear , Tarrantula™ and can be downloaded from the Download section of each product page.


Software updates

Several small updates have been released for many of our products, including Tarrantula™, MegaPointe®, RoboSpot™ BaseStation.

After an update to the RoboSpot, do make sure to perform re-calibration of pan/tilt: deactivate the Controller (via Activate/Deactivate button), move the control handlebars fully to the left until you reach a stop and at the same time move the handlebars fully down until you reach a stop. Keep handlebars in this calibration position and press and hold the PAN button for six seconds until this button's LED blinks.


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