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Vejle Musikteater, one of the busiest and liveliest multi-purpose live performance venues in Jutland, Denmark, reopens fully after the pandemic period, complete with a new Robe ESPRITE house lighting package comprising 32 x ESPRITES in total.

Sixteen of these have been added as front lighting to the existing over-stage rig of 16 in the Main Hall. Head of lighting Rasmus Wiberg explained that during the Covid closure they used the time constructively to activate various renovations and changes needed in the venue, including the complete removal of the ‘advanced’ lighting bridge – the one nearest the stage – above the auditorium to fit in a new PA system.

This also seemed an ideal opportunity to replace the old discharge profiles with new LED moving lights for greater versatility. Having had a great experience with the first batch of 16 x ESPRITES and the 100 plus other Robe moving lights in the venue, more ESPRITES was a “logical” choice, stated Rasmus.

They also needed a bright fixture as the FOH lighting position is now on another catwalk 20 metres out from the stage and higher into the auditorium ceiling, so the throw distances are substantially longer.

Many features on the ESPRITE impressed Rasmus and his team including the shuttering, the EMS stabilisation, the colours and of course, Robe’s revolutionary TE LED TRANSFERABLE ENGINE technology, an intelligent, powerful, and eco-friendly lighting solution enabling different engines – high powered, high CRI, ‘tungsten’ etc – to be used in the same fixtures.

The zoom range was also a factor as they needed a beam that remained sharp across the longer distances.

“Like all Robe fixtures, the ESPRITES have been super reliable and worked brilliantly for our needs!” commented Rasmus, who had not worked with Robe products before taking up his post at the Musikteater, where the original Robe LEDWash 600s and MMX Spots purchased over 10 years ago are also still going, although no longer used every day!

Vejle Musikteater is known nationally and internationally for its excellent and constantly updated production facilities and dedication to producing the very best and most ambitious shows. Artists and crews alike love working there and there are many loyal supporters and patrons from around the region.

Other Robe fixtures in the main hall include Spiider wash beams, LEDWash 600s, Tetra2 moving LED battens and PixelPATTs, with Spikies in the small hall and the static ParFects in the foyer.

grandMA3 light consoles are used for control.

In standard – non-Covid – years, Vejle Musikteater stages well over 200 shows a year, some with their own LDs and creative team, while others rely on Rasmus and his talented and dedicated in-house crew to ensure they look great with an excellent lightshow.

After re-opening in August with an outdoor stage and performances, following Denmark’s ‘Freedom Day’ in September they are now returning to a full capacity program action-packed in both halls until January 2022, as well as shoehorning many postponed shows!

Photo Credit: Louise Stickland

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