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Ljubljana City Theatre Loves Robe LEDWashes

Ljubljana City Theatre (AKA Mestno Gledališče Ljubljansko – MGL) is in the process of converting all its general stage wash LX bars to Robe’s LEDWash 800s and recently added four more, bringing their total to 12.

Another four units are planned as soon as the budget becomes available, giving a full complement of 16 LEDWash 800s across the four bars. These will then completely replace the older arc-source wash moving lights.

Their main task for the LEDWashes is to provide a nice, even, general stage wash in a variety of colours and hues.

Founded in 1949, Ljubljana City Theatre is the second largest drama theatre in Slovenia. Operating initially on a small stage with a group of enthusiastic actors, over the years it’s expanded and evolved into a modern theatre company staging its own productions together with some collaborations, as well as being a receiving house for selected other productions over the year.

The theatre focuses mainly on modern drama and musicals, producing approximately 14 of 15 new shows a year of which one is usually a musical.

MGL’s new technical director is Janez Kolesa, an ex stage manager, and we spoke to lighting manager Andrej Koleznik, who explained that apart from being cleaner, greener and more cost efficient, the other major advantage of moving LED wash lights over arc sources is the near silent running.

With so much drama in the house, this can be a real issue, as at those times … you can literally hear a pin drop onstage!

With their own shows, the co-productions and the received events, the lights at MGL are in use constantly. "It's great to have reliable fixtures that allow all productions a continuity and it's also significantly easier to programme and focus a show with moving lights and to do fixture swaps with visiting shows, it enables us to maximize creativity in our already limited technical time!”

The first Robe products arrived in the theatre 12 years ago in 2004. "We've been extremely happy" says Andrej "in all the years we've been using Robe we've not had one major problem with any of the lights".

In addition to the moving lights they have Robe LED PARs and some Anolis ArcLine 48 MC units – from Robe’s sister architectural lighting company - which are  utilized for set and scenery illumination, all supplied along with the other Robe kit by Slovenian distributor MK Light Sound.


Photo Credit: Louise Stickland

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