Improvements to software for several fixtures including DL7, BMFL and Spiider

Information summary of updates and news from documentation, software and technical areas of ROBE Lighting.

Software updates

Network multicast IGMP improvement was published for Robin Spiider®, as well as for several other units - Square™, Linee™,Strobe™ / Strobe Lite™, ColorStrobe™ / ColorStrobe Lite™.

DL7S Profile™ and DL7F Wash™ have been updated with small but important change which improves homing sequence for pan and tilt and fixes occasional incorrect pan/tilt homing position. This would affect very small number of fixtures during one of several tenths of resets. After software update, do check your programmed pan/tilt position. 

BMFL series (BMFL™ Spot, BMFL™ Blade, BMFL™ Wash / Wash XF, BMFL™ WashBeam, BMFL™ FollowSpot) has been updated with a fix to the displayed Lamp on time remaining hours counter value.

Small software updates have also been released for few other fixtures, like LEDBeam 150™, Viva™ CMY, pixelPATT™, CycPix 12™...


Documentation updates

Many new and updated documents for numerous products have been uploaded/updated online in our continuous effort to keep the documentation current.

Updated service manual for Viva™ CMY is now online, together with DL7F Wash™ service documentation and updated price list if spare parts.

DMX charts for new products have also been available, this includes Strobe IP™, BMFL™ FollowSpot, LEDBeam 150™, UV Strobe™, PATT 2017™ and pixelPATT™, Divine™ 160 RGBW, ParFect 150™, ColorStrobe IP™ , Divine™ 60 UV and more. All new DMX charts are also available in machine readable XML format for better cross manufacturers interoperability, allowing desk manufacturers to easily import and convert ROBE fixtures' DMX layout into their desk specific fixture profiles.

User manuals for many of the above mentioned fixtures are already available and we are continuously working on manuals for the remaining recently released products.

Exterior dimensions and 2D/3D symbols have also been updated, including files of pixelPATT™ , Viva™ CMY , HALO RGB™ / Halo Driver™.


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