Important software updates

Since last technical newsletter, many software updates had been released, several new service manuals published online and other technical documentation files provided new or updated... read on for more details. This technical newsletter contains information about important software updates which need to be applied as soon as possible.

Service manuals

Service manuals for Divine™ 60 UV and for PATT 2017™ have been released. Spare parts list has been updated to include all the new spares.


RoboSpot Technical Setup video tutorial

We have produced detailed video featuring all aspects of RoboSpot setup procedure including configuration, Multi Device Control, Show Library USB import/export and more. You can see the video on this Vimeo link.


3D Symbols

3D symbols have been updated to contain files for latest product including Tarrantula™, BMFL™ FollowSpot, ParFect 150™ RGBW, ParFect 150™ FW RGBW, Parfect 150™ RGBA, Parfect 150™ FW RGBA, iParfect 150™ FW RGBW, iParfect 150™ FW RGBA, RoboSpot™, RoboSpot™ MotionCamera and others.


Documentation, measurements and certification paperwork

Many user manuals have been updated and other documents provided, like Noise measurements (Spiider®, Tarrantula™) and new/updated certification paperwork (DL7S Profile™, DL7F Wash™, RoboSpot™ , RoboSpot™ MotionCamera, UV Strobe™, LED Wash/Actor series).


Software Updates


Internal elements and lamp driving optimizations have been improved and this change prevent any possible negative heat effects of frost filters. Timely software update is required. Software package 18071255.

Tarrantula™, Spiider®

LED driving has been optimized to prevent potential LED driving interruption on products manufactured between late 2016 - early 2017. This update package has been out since April 2018. Timely software update is strongly recommended.

BMFL™ Blade

Internal driving of optical elements (focus and zoom) and light frost filter has been improved to eliminate any chances of element collision. Software package 18061556. Timely software update is strongly recommended.


RoboSpot BaseStation software update with Multi Device Control (MDC) has been released on June 12 2018 in a package version 18061231. It sets internal processor versions as follows:

• Display (DV): 2.9

• PCB C: 2.4

• RPi: 2.3


List of changes

Following list of improvements and changes has been released. Please read User Manual for details about each item and information about how to use it.

• Multi Device Control

Added new type of Multi Device Control, allowing precise control of multiple fixtures pointing onto single tracked artists from single RoboSpot BaseStation. Optional auto zoom+focus is available.

• Multi Device Control assistant

Setup procedure to select fixtures used in MDC, set reference (master) device, define stage area, define zoom/focus.

• In Device settings, removed Range

All multi-device related settings should now be done through the new Multi Device Control.

• Trace cursor feature added

Additional visual tool for predicted position of devices for better operation especially during fast movement of actor.

• In-Scene Presets added (Position buttons)

Preset buttons stored in-scene. Stores Pan/Tilt position in relative position to Red cursor. Saved information includes settings in Sliders menu.

• Pan/Tilt reverse for RoboSpot handles added

Global Pan/Tilt reverse.

• Pan/Tilt sensitivity improved

Sensitivity of Pan/Tilt settings for controlled devices tuned for better performance.

• Import/Export of configuration settings to USB

User Presets renamed to Show Library. Shows 1-10 can now be exported/imported to/from USB stick.


Another software updates

Many other fixtures have received software updates providing new features, improving possibilities or fixing behavior. You can see all updates in the ROBE Uploader, software tool which automatically updates itself and helps you keep all your units up to date. You can find download links for installer on this download page.


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