Enhanced zoom driving software update for Robin LEDBeam 150 and Parfect 150, software, documentation and other updates on ROBE website

Several software updates with many improvements have been released, like much quieter zoom movement driving on our new 150 LEDWashes and 150 Parfects or updated DMX Input switching on some Robin series units with touch screen display RNS2 menu interface. Several declaration of conformity and other certification documents have been updated or uploaded new. Service manuals, user manuals, dmx charts... read on for more details.

Software Updates

Robin LEDBeam 150™ and ParFect 150™ are receiving updated zoom driving software logic, resulting in much quieter zoom movement. At the same time we have added Quiet option to Fan modes, besides the already present High (max. power) and Auto (auto-control) modes of fan control.

Thermal management improvement was incorporated into software for ParFect S1™ and ParFect SB1™, update of all units is recommended (to update SB1 products, you must open the fixture and plug in a DMX XLR PCB).

Robin LEDWash 600™ and LEDWash 600+™ have had DMX mode 6 added also to older display versions.

Multiple fixtures are receiving DMX input switch improvement to prevent DMX Input being defaulted from Wireless to Wire. Updated fixtures include Pointe®, MMX Spot™, Spiider®, LEDWash 600+™ and LEDWash 600™.

Small updates have also been rolled out for Viva™ CMY, DL7S Profile™ or DL7F Wash™.


Service Manuals and spares list

New service manuals have been created for HALO RGB™ and for Halo Driver™, and also for ParFect 150™ and LEDBeam 150™. Price list and part list of spare parts have been updated to contain these new items.


New or updated Declaration of conformity, TUV and ATM to cETLus

Many new or updated documents have been uploaded online, including the ones for CitySkape 48™, CitySource 96™, CitySkape Xtreme™, UVStrobe IP™, Strobe IP™, ColorStrobe IP™, X1 FT PRO™, CycBar 12™ and Linee™.


Since the last technical newsletter, we have also updated or created many User manuals, DMX charts, Photometrics diagrams, 3D symbols and other documentation and support files.


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