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LEDWash 600+™
LEDWash 600+™LEDWash 600+™

The Warsaw branch of Brill AV Media, a proactive, fast-growing company specialising in B2B events and conference productions as well as AV systems integration / installation, has invested in more Robe moving lights for its equipment inventory, with the purchase of LEDWash 600+s, Tetra2s and Pointes from Robe’s Polish distributor, Prolight.

These have been added to their stock which already contains around 200 Robe fixtures in total with Pointes, BMFL Spots, BMFL Blades and Tetra2 moving LED battens in Warsaw and there is an even wider selection of Robe products available across the Group of companies. The current Brill AV Media format is the result of a merger between Czech-based AV Media, Hungary-based Brill AV and Polish entrepreneur Michal Czerniak with separate operations in all three countries.

The setup enables Brill AV Media to offer a dynamic mix of experience, skills, equipment, and resources across Europe.

Warsaw operations manager Przemek Stanicki explained that the first Robe purchases – back in the days of Robe’s first generation AT series – were prompted when their Czech partners suggested they invest to keep continuity of kit across the companies, and because client demand for the brand was rising.

“Back then, there wasn’t a great deal of choice in brands in Poland, but it made sense firstly because the mother company AV Media were using Robe, and secondly because of the physical proximity between Poland and the Czech Republic which shares a border to which the Robe HQ in Valašské Meziříčí is in close proximity.

Przemek comments that the demand for the new LEDWash 600+s and Tetra2s was also driven by clients and the frequency with which they keep appearing on technical riders. These two fixture types and the Pointes are utilised on the majority of their shows.

In a standard (non-Covid) year, they will supply around 1000 events a year of different types and sizes plus servicing assorted hotel installations for which they are the technical partner.

Brill AV Media moved to slick, contemporary new industrial chic premises in Warsaw in early 2020 and during the pandemic period set up four separate VR / AR digital broadcast studios – two small and two large – which have flourished. The LEDWash 600+s and Tetra2s in particular have been constantly in use for these, for front, fill, and back light.

As live events gradually re-start, the intention is to keep the digital and online production facilities available for clients choosing to run ‘hybrid’ events, therefore offering another dynamic option.

“We absolutely love the LEDWash 600+s, especially for camera applications,” stated Przemek, “they have a nice selection of whites and are reliable and durable ‘general purpose’ fixtures.” He adds that they also look cool on camera in their own right!

Marcin Gościniak, Brill AV Media’s main lighting designer in Warsaw leads a team of six other LDs / programmers and operators and is also involved with any purchasing decisions for the department.

He believes that Robe has really stepped up and established itself as the “premium moving light brand worldwide for shows and performance” in the last 5 or 6 years. “It’s definitely the top brand that everyone is asking for in Poland right now,” he confirmed.

Marcin thinks Robe represents excellent value and he’s confident that they are working with “the best kit” for customers’ various needs.

Brill AV Media also has a RoboSpot system which is usually run with their BMFL Blades, LEDWashes or Pointes. Being able to use it with multiple and different fixtures is especially useful when a large follow spot is not needed as is frequently the case with business events. “It’s flexible, reliable and easy to learn,” stated Marcin, underlining that it was a smart purchase.

grandMA is the company’s lighting control platform of choice. They supply audio, lighting, video rigging and staging on the technical production side, plus a raft of IT-based services including networking, voting systems, registration, and simultaneous interpretation.

They cover a lot of government events from local ministries and councils to the European Commission, and their design teams strive to offer the most imaginative, cost efficient and appropriate solutions.

Photo Credit: Louise Stickland

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