LEDWash 600+™

LEDWash 600+™ | ROBE lighting

LEDWash 600+™


The super-slim ROBIN® 600+ LEDWash features 37x 15 Watt RGBW multichip LEDs with colour output ranging from gentle pastels to the richest saturation.

Light source

37x 15 W RGBW LED multichips

Light output

5.620 lm, 8.000 lux @ 5 m

Zoom range

8° - 63°


3 LED rings control, rainbow effects, tungsten lamp effect, pre-programmed whites

GDTF – General Device Type Format
GDTF – General Device Type Format

The General Device Type Format creates a unified definition for exchange of data for the operation of intelligent luminaries, such as moving lights. The file format is human readable and developed using open source formats.

Technical Specification

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New Leoland Space opens in Lviv Ukraine with Robe Lighting Installation

Some great news from war-torn Ukraine comes from Leoland, a 300,000 square meter state-of-the-art sports, educational entertainment & leisure complex for the whole family in Lviv, in the west of the country, which has just opened a new multipurpose conference concert space.

Bjork’s “Cornucopia” Plays Perth Festival

Iconic Icelandic singer / songwriter Bjork’s acclaimed visually and sonically immersive “Cornucopia” theatre masterwork played a four-night residency at the recent Perth Festival in Western Australia. It delighted fans and was staged in a purpose-built 5000 capacity pavilion in Langley Park, ensconced amid a ‘cybersonic Garden of Eden’ uniting nature and technology!

The Right Time for Robe and Gibonni

Croatian singer-songwriter, composer and legend Gibonni played two major arena concerts in Zagreb that sold out in minutes, with over 40,000 fans flocking to see the showman where they were treated to a spectacular stage and lighting design by Sven Kučinić involving 140 Robe moving lights and plenty of imagination!

A Brilliant Decision for Robe
A Brilliant Decision for Robe

The Warsaw branch of Brill AV Media, a proactive, fast-growing company specialising in B2B events and conference productions as well as AV systems integration / installation, has invested in more Robe moving lights for its equipment inventory, with the purchase of LEDWash 600+s, Tetra2s and Pointes from Robe’s Polish distributor, Prolight.

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