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Robe’s iPointe combines innovative ingress protection with the spectacular effect features of the MegaPointe - the best product on the market in its category.

Perfect for festivals, concerts and outdoor events and any scenario needing to deal with inclement or unpredictable weather - the iPointe is a bright, powerful multifunctional luminaire that works equally well as a beam, spot, effect and wash fixture.

The ingenious ingress protection has been designed and developed diligently over two years by Robe’s R’n’D team and comprises a series of interconnected filters and air chambers that prevent water from entering the fixture as well as the need for frequent cleaning and maintenance.

The iPointe’s impressive lightsource is a 310W lamp, with a lifetime of up to 4.000 hours, specially developed for Robe by Osram. It produces a brilliant, crystal clear, razor-edged beam, adjustable from a tight, punchy 1.8 degree beam to a wide 42 degrees spot.

The beam can be accurately shaped and positioned by using the innovative framing shutters emulation.

Both static and rotating glass gobos produce precision in-air effects and projected images with a sharp, high-contrast, flat field. An inventive new effects engine can produce 12 varying beam and ‘flower’ effects, all of this taking a winning combination of creativity and weather-resistance to new levels.

Thanks to its design, the iPointe offers seamless cross-usage with MegaPointe, featuring the same DMX control, but in well-protected, water resistant housing.

Pointe, MegaPointe, iPointe. The best all-in-one product range!

Light source

Osram Sirius HRI 310 W RO

Light output

Bright output of 1.584.660 lx @ 5 m

Zoom range

1.8°– 21° beam mode, 3°– 42° spot mode


CMY mixing, rotating and static gobo wheel, animation wheel, 12 beam and flower effects

Robe NFC controller and app
Robe NFC controller and app

The Robe COM application is an app based on NFC (Near Field Communication). It can be either used to access to fixture’s settings of our NFC-based navigation display systems as well as reading out data of our TE™ Transferable Engines.

EMS™ - Electronic Motion Stabiliser
EMS™ - Electronic Motion Stabiliser

The Robe Electronic Motion Stabiliser is a technology for exact Pan and Tilt movements and reduces vibrations from audio outputs, truss movement and sprung or suspended floors.

REAP™ - Robe Ethernet Access Portal
REAP™ - Robe Ethernet Access Portal

The Robe Ethernet Access Portal allows to access internal data from a networked fixture, viewed as a web page, addressable via the fixtures network IP.

GDTF – General Device Type Format
GDTF – General Device Type Format

The General Device Type Format creates a unified definition for exchange of data for the operation of intelligent luminaries, such as moving lights. The file format is human readable and developed using open source formats.

Slot & Lock Gobos
Slot & Lock Gobos

Robe's patented "slot & lock" system allows for easy and fast replacement of both rotatable and indexable gobos.

QVGA Robe Touch Screen Display System
QVGA Robe Touch Screen Display System

The QVGA Robe touch screen display gives full access to all fixture setup and diagnostic functions and is very intuitive to navigate.

HotSpot Control for discharge lamps
HotSpot Control for discharge lamps

Robe's motorized discharge lamp hot-spot control provides remote control of the beams hot-spot via a dedicated hot-spot control channel.

Technical Specification

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