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Plano4™ Framing shutters

Robe's patented Plano4™ 4 blade framing shutter module offers absolute beam control with each blade on an individual level with separate movement and rotation control. Our framing shutter system allows easily for geometrical forms like trapezoids and triangles or even very narrow shutter cuts. The shutter blades are both fast and accurate, allowing for consistent repeatability.

They are ultra-thin, enabling them all to be focused sharp, without any distortion. They can be easily used in combination with a gobo – and even if you add colour, you will experience no chromatic aberration, also referred to as "Fringing", making our innovative framing shutters really stand out!

The whole module assembly is rotatable by 45° in older and 60° in newer models, providing maximum flexibility. The smooth but ultrafast blade movements with variable speed can even be used for creating mid-air effects!

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