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RDM Communicator™

RDM Communicator™

The RDM communicator is a tool box for remote setting of Robe and Anolis fixtures via DMX link. Its main purpose is to set fixture options (DMX address, DMX mode...etc) for Anolis non-display fixtures like ArcPad Xtreme, ArcPad 48 Integral but can be used with any Robe or Anolis fixtures which support RDM protocol.



  • Main features

    • Setting user options and reading fixture information of any Robe fixture with RDM protocol
    • Possibility to set multiple fixtures on DMX line
    • Graphic touch screen
    • 4 operational buttons
    • Battery operated
  • Approvals

    • CE
  • Suported functions

    • DMX address setting
    • DMX mode selecting
    • Pan/tilt setting
    • Fixture display setting
    • Fixture reset
    • Fixture identification
    • Readouts (device hours,lamp hours, lamp strikes, software version,device label )
    • Lamp on/off
    • No extra PSU needed (only for charging the battery)
    • Rugged aluminium housing
    • 3-pin/5-pin XLR input
    • Dimensions (h x w x d): 53mm x 98mm x 152mm
    • Weight: 0.4kg
RDM Communicator™


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