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Robe offers innovative, precisely controlled luminaire and remote follow spotting solutions for the television and broadcast world. Utilizing the latest LED technology to create highly efficient, low power consuming, reliable, low heat and noise emitting products, we ensure superb results through the camera lens. We have developed several proprietary solutions to provide both precise control and unique creative possibilities when viewed through the camera. Our Cpulse™ Pulse Width Modulation software guarantees flicker-free operation and colour stability. All Robe LED products feature our L3™ Low light linearity dimming system for seamless integration with traditional light sources. Additive multi-spectral engines can be tuned and self-calibrated to deliver exact tones over their lifetime, whilst our white LED fixtures with the revolutionary TE™ Transferrable Engine concept maintains light quality across your inventory. Aesthetic on-stage set-dressing luminaries complement our range of television lights.