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Our luminaires ensure the highest light quality to not only meet but exceed theatrical and performance lighting demands and specifications. Using either additive or subtractive colour mixing techniques, we provide the highest colour rendering and a truly ‘full spectrum’ of colour - from the deepest most vivid to the lightest, gentlest and most subtle hues. Robe fixtures are renowned for bright, homogenised, evenly distributed beams of light. Theatrical finesse is further enhanced by accurate beam control from industry-leading four plane shutter modules, allowing fast and fine shutter cuts on profiles, whilst PC and Fresnel models feature highly flexible, rotatable barndoor and variable scrim controls. LED Dimming performance is crucial, so our L3™ software provides an imperceptible fade to black, allowing full integration into traditional lighting rigs. We have paid particular attention to noise levels and have incorporated highly advanced noise dampening and cooling techniques to guarantee super-quiet operation, even when close to the audience. All these luminaries can be perfectly coupled with our remote RoboSpot follow spot system.