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Woodlite Stockholm Purchases Robe LEDWash & DLX Spots

Woodlite is a leading Swedish lighting, trussing and rigging dry-hire rental operation founded in 1995 by Magnus Jansson. Headquartered in Karlstad, the company now has around 150 Robe fixtures in its rental fleet and over 1100 moving lights in total.

In March 2012, a new office and warehouse was opened in Stockholm to enable Woodlite to service its clients and the generally buoyant business in the area even more quickly and efficiently.

Midway through 2012, Woodlite started purchasing Robe’s ROBIN LEDWash series fixtures – both 300s and 600s – and more recently it has invested in the new ROBIN DLX LED Spot fixtures.

This increase in business with Robe has been prompted by the demands of their rental partners … and in turn their clients who are specifying Robe increasingly frequently for shows, concerts, tours and events.

“We also like to be proactive in our approach to clients and in being able to offer the latest technologies,” explains Magnus, who adds that the initial rise in demand for the LEDWash fixtures came from their international clients.

Once the ball started rolling and the LEDWashes gained exposure in Sweden … they soon increased in popularity there as well! Magnus realised that there was healthy cross-rental business in stocking the LEDWash range to boost the stocks of other Swedish rental and production companies when needed.

When he first saw the DLX LED Spots he and his colleagues were immediately impressed and shortly after, were asked to supply some for a tour by Swedish pop star Eva Dahlgren, with lighting designed by Stockholm based visual collective, Sutoda.

They then made the decision to purchase their first nine Robe DLX Spot units which  were also the first to tour in Sweden, operated by Magnus Grönberg who was delighted with the results.

He liked the RGBW colour mixing, the light weight and the low power – and comments that the DLXs were perfect to complete Eva Dahlgren’s eco-friendly all-LED rig. “I will definitely use them again the next chance I get to specify my own rig,” he says with a large smile!

Woodlite’s Robes have been supplied through Swedish distributor Bellalite.