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TMELED Invests in Robe

TMELED is the equipment rental division of creative event and production specialists Time Matters Entertainment (TME) based in Plano, north Texas and headed by Randy Cline.

Randy decided in the last year to make a substantial investment in over 50 Robe moving lights which were purchased from Robe North America, bringing Robe’s Tarrantula LED wash beams, MegaPointes, DL4F Washes, DL7S Profiles, LEDBeam150s and BMFL Blades, together with a RoboSpot remote follow spotting system and LightMaster kits which convert BMFL range fixtures into manually operated follow spots.

Randy’s lifetime friends and production industry mavericks Eric Wade from Crossfade Design and Jim Waits from Communilux were instrumental in him making the decision to go with Robe, which was based on the “quality, popularity and future” of the products and “the team behind the brand”.

He commented on the impressive knowledge and experience of the Robe North America sales team: “There’s absolutely no bullshit with these guys, some of whom have been involved in the moving lighting industry since its inception in the 1980s”.

Randy has also been in the business for many years. Robe had been on his radar increasingly recently, starting with the launch of the Pointe in 2013, and in the last three years, successive new and innovative products have really caught his attention.

Time Matters Entertainment supplies equipment to a wide variety of shows, from corporate and industrial events and awards show to concerts, festivals and live music shows, and Randy has always believed in offering the best and most flexible options to all their clients.

He chose the Tarrantulas and DL7S Profiles for their features and functionality. The DL7S Profile was also picked for its quietness – ideal for key lighting speakers and presenters as well as for theatrical shows; and the Tarrantula for its sheer power and punch… as one of the brightest LED wash beam luminaires on the market.

TME is dedicated to providing the absolute best in remote automated spotlight packages and tracking services, hence getting the RoboSpot system onboard, and they will continue to invest in the available technologies coming to this specialist market.

A large Robe rig is now installed in their new showroom which has been designed and programmed to show off the many different features of the lights to clients – both those coming to TME for imaginative full technical production solutions and those wanting to dry rent equipment from TMELED.

TMELED’s DL7S Profiles and LEDBeam 150s were recently used on a glamourous Great Gatsby New Year’s Eve party staged in the plush lobby at the Ritz-Carlton in Dallas, featuring the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra which was lit by Eric Wade.

Challenged for power and lighting positions in and around the lobby, powerful LED light sources were the only way to go, so Eric selected Robe LEDBeam 150s and DL7S Profiles as the primary fixtures.

Other recent shows have included an annual appreciation gala dinner and show for East West Ministries’ Houston supporters starring contemporary Christian musician, singer and songwriter Phil Wickham, lit by Brandon Keebler; and the Arab American Cultural Society’s second Annual Texas Arab festival. This was staged on a ranch just east of Dallas, attended by over 5000 people and lit by Randy himself.


About Randy Cline

Music and entertainment have been Randy’s lifelong passion.

He is also a guitarist and being part of this vibrant and creative industry was all he ever wanted to do since aged 9 or 10.

He grew up in the 70s as the entertainment technology business was ‘emerging’. Raised by his grandparents in Texas, their next-door neighbor and family friend James Wardlow, a professional touring musician, taught Randy to play guitar. While a teenager he played in several garage bands and was always interested in the equipment that made them look and sound as good as possible.

His stepdad’s dry-cleaning store was next door to Eagles’ drummer/vocalist Don Henley’s dad’s auto parts store in Daingerfield Texas.  Don was a few years older and had enjoyed huge success with the Eagles. Randy’s band Party Line played their first live performance that same place – which became a disco in the mid-1970s – years later. The gig made the local press and Randy and his bandmates band all thought superstardom had arrived!

Around this time, his best friend’s dad who managed a popular regional country band, had built his own proprietary PA and stage lighting system which intrigued Randy. The lighting system ended up in his music room when the band split!

Moving to Dallas in 1982, by pure chance Randy struck up a conversation with a guy at a convenience store who happened to own a stage lighting company and offered him a job in the warehouse. He later worked for Dallas Stage Lighting and sharpened his skills in sales and account management.

Randy founded TME in 2004 as a creative production enterprise. Taylor Hobart joined him as a partner in 2018, specifically to start and manage the new equipment leasing division TMELED… which has just invested in all the brand-new Robe stock!

TMELED Invests in Robe
TMELED Invests in Robe