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Software improvements for Robin MegaPointe, documentation updates

Here comes a regular rundown of recent updates on the ROBE website, bringing information about some new DOC+TUV certificates and also about an important update for Robin MegaPointe.

Software updates

MegaPointe® has received an important update which adds pre-programmed Effect Wheel animations for easier and faster Effect Wheel usage. This update also improves preference handling between Optical/Prism/Frost elements preventing some possible Frost related issues. Improvements to internal communication messaging system has also been included in this release. We strongly recommend to everybody to update all MegaPointe® units. After April 1st 2018 we will not accept any warranty claims on Frost filters should the units be on software older then current release 18022857.

pixelPATT™ update has been released, adding support for Kling-Net protocol for easier pixel mapping control.

As always, we do recommend to keep all your ROBE fixtures up to date with latest software releases. This can easily be done with the ROBE Uploader application, which manages multi-fixture updates over Ethernet and DMX networks.


New and updated DOC and TUV certificates have been uploaded for the following units:

UV Strobe™, Strobe IP™, Divine™ 160 RGBW, Divine™ 60 UV, ColorStrobe IP™

Spares lists

Price/Part list of spare parts have been updated to contain all latest parts. We have also released update to the http://spares.robe.cz/ website, featuring faster operation and new responsive design.