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SMD Takes the Robe Route

SMD Technical is a Cape Town based design and technical production company founded in 1995. Servicing a wide range of clients staging live events and shows and pride themselves on offering fresh, imaginative designs and ideas combined with the latest and most innovative technology to help deliver these.

In a highly competitive market, it’s important to keep one step ahead of the rest!

Recently, SMD made its first purchase of Robe moving lights – with six ROBIN 300 Wash fixtures purchased from Robe’s SA distributor, DWR.

The ROBIN 300 Washes – even though at the moment there are only six of them - have been a massive success and had huge impact, featuring on virtually every SMD project since their purchase!

The small size and the very versatile zoom of the fixture are ideal for the many shows when SMD is working with low ceilings and in tight headroom conditions explains SMD’s general manager, David Harris.

The low power consumption is also a huge benefit, and if needs be, they can be run off the venue’s wall sockets! “The brightness is excellent for the size,” adds David.

SMD is keen to embrace the green route in terms of the technology on offer. The company now has a substantial stock of LED fixtures, and these are being used more and more over older and more power-hungry choices. It also means many more units can be run off generator power than in the past, so it’s definitely a route to take!

Recent projects on which the 300 Washes have featured include an event for fashion guru Gavin Rajah at a private farm, with lighting designed by David Harris and Jonathan Bandli. They used five 300 Washes on a goal post structure, four ROBIN 300 Spots on truss towers and a single 300 Wash on its own truss tower – all in the middle of a forest!

Another was the Economic Development Partnership Launch at the Cape Town International Film Studio. LD’s were David Harris and Hilton Carelse and the six 300 Washes were on truss towers lighting all four quarters of one studio, with  ROBIN 300 Spots projecting client gobos and branding.

Apart from being delighted with the Robes and eagerly looking forward to getting their hands on the fabulous new LED Beam 100s, SMD Technical are highly impressed with the service from DWR!