Robe Ups The Ante on Green Credentials at PLASA

Heading into PLASA 2012, Czech Republic based lighting manufacturer Robe has upped the ante on its already strong green policies, underlining its commitment to helping preserve the planet in as many ways as possible.

“Sustainability is becoming ever more important in customer choice,” comments Robe’s CEO Josef Valchar, “Many companies and organisations in our industry are being encouraged to produce greener and more carbon-neutral shows and events. It’s our strategy to offer the widest, most versatile choice of appropriate tools for creative and visual designers to work with in this context”.

Robe is committed to producing genuinely more sustainable products and solutions for greentailing,  and also to consistently and continually refine its own production processes to be more eco-friendly and utilise alternative and cleaner sources of energy.

Three Shades of Green

All Robe’s products at PLASA will be marked with three different shades of green stickers.

In a market swamped with ‘eco-friendly’ goods, this straightforward ‘traffic light’ system will allow visitors and potential buyers to immediately identify and assess  the effective green status of the products.

Smaller, lighter, brighter

All of Robe’s seven new products launched at PLASA 2012 fit the ‘Smaller, Lighter and Brighter’ category, a design philosophy championed by Robe with the launch of the ROBIN series three years ago.

Robe’s R’n'D department - ensconced in the beautiful unspoilt Moravian countryside and mountains of the eastern Czech Republic – is fully focussed on developing and producing cutting-edge, innovative, energy saving technology.

Think before Printing

All Robe’s brochures and printed materials are now being produced on FSC certified paper from environmentally friendly sources.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international non-profit organisation founded in 1993 to support the world’s forests. A diverse group of representatives ensure that forests are managed to protect wildlife habitat and respect the rights of local and indigenous communities.

The criteria is very strict, and so Robe is proud to display the FSC logo on its printed materials.

Those preferring to simply download literature in electronic format to their smartphones and tablet PCs can also now do so via QR codes.

Robe Future Expansion – Powered by the Sun

‘Think of the Future & Consider Nature’ is the mantra of Robe’s green initiative, launched at PLASA 2010.

It is based on encouraging everyone involved in the show and technical production business to think about the future of the planet and how all can make a difference to its longevity - no matter how large or small the contribution might appear to be - everything is valuable and will count.  

With the enormous success of Robe’s ROBIN product range, a new phase of factory extension is planned for the company’s Valasske Mezirici HQ. The intention is that this will be powered entirely through solar energy, and at the same time, the existing factory buildings will be converted to solar power.

Think of the Future – Consider Nature

ROBE Green policy movie


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