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LEDWash 600™
LEDWash 600™LEDWash 600™
ROBIN® DLS Profile
ROBIN® DLS ProfileROBIN® DLS Profile

Top nightclub The Academy in Canberra, Australia is benefiting from a new Robe moving light installation which was supplied by locally based Elite Sound & Light and is designed to ensure that their popular EDM club nights and visiting live artists can enjoy the very best lighting and visual experiences.

Elite’s Darren Russell was asked to propose a design and his primary concern was to spec fixtures that would give the flexibility and variety of effects needed for long periods of operation, that would enable the club to have a completely different look and feel according to its programme that night.

The Academy is the largest club in Canberra and is right in the heart of the city. It has an 800 capacity main room and the 150 capacity Candy Bar upstairs, which features a glass wall along one entire side offering a commanding view of the main club dancefloor. This is a cool area to chill out and imbibe the vibes before hitting the floor and cutting some serious shapes! There is also a VIP section.

The Robe fixtures chosen are LEDWash 600s, DLS Spots and Pointes, all from the ROBIN series. Eight of each.

The new rig is three times the size of the previous lighting system … but consumes less than half the power!

The lights are installed on the house trusses in the roof – giving positions over the stage and part of the dancefloor - positioned so that they can have the best effects throughout the space, with two of the DLSs rigged on a bulkhead over the bar.

The fixtures were chosen for their ability to offer a near infinite variety. They are used for big room looks, for washing the front, rear and sides of the stage and for feature highlights like gobo projection. They are also used for spotlighting two enormous mirror balls for retro disco moments, and a giant rotating Academy logo.

The new installation has made a huge difference to the quality and style of the lightshows and the atmosphere that can be created and built on at The Academy – both key elements to whether a space buzzes with energy or can become a flat and uninviting environment!

“We are hearing plenty of comments saying that the club is completely new,” says Darren … but in fact … only the lighting rig has changed!

When designing, he followed the 101 principal for good club lighting which is first laying down base washes and then layering on top of these with effects, specials and clever programming. He started here with the LEDWash 600s which he loves for their smooth colour mixing and the rich array of hues and shades.

The DLSs and The Pointes then come in with all their funky, fun visual elements - between the two types of fixtures, there is massive scope for creativity!

The club’s regular operator Atley Jones runs the rig day-to-day using a ChamSys Maxi-wing and a PowerMAC running MQ software. He and everyone else working at the club – on technical and in other areas – simply love the Robes reports Darren with a satisfied grin, exceedingly pleased with the results.

Elite Sound & Light is the largest technical service and solutions provider in Canberra and a big investor in Robe in recent years with over 300 Robe products currently in rental stock. These have all been supplied via Robe’s Australian distributor, The ULA Group.

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