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Bobby Therry is a lighting designer at the Lasika Productions Group, a busy rental company based in Surabaya, Indonesia, supplying lighting, LED screens, audio, trussing and rigging to many different events. He personally specialises in lighting the very specific and joyous field of weddings, together with some corporate shows.

Sixteen Tetra2s have recently joined the company’s rental stock, and Bobby has really enjoyed incorporating these fixtures into his designs where possible. He recently utilised them for the wedding of Larry and Felicia at the Westin Grand Ballroom, Surabaya.

Bobby was working for wedding planner and concept initiator Nuansa Group. They produced a series of bespoke elements for the event in collaboration with a scenic / décor designer and a team from DFactory (also part of the Lasika Productions Group) who are visual animators which were based on the couple’s brief.

Bobby then lit the various different spaces to accentuate the drama, emotion and great vibes of this very special day, using his creative flair and imagination to craft many unique lighting treatments.

The wedding format in Indonesia – especially Surabaya – will often resemble a gala dinner or awards night with a main stage, a dancefloor area, banqueting tables, etc, complete with live artists to entertain the guests. It is a busy, high-energy environment, and the performances and excitement are frequently amped up with pyro and SFX, all adding to the sense of spectacle to which lighting is also vital.

The Westin Grand Ballroom does not have a house lighting rig, so for Larry and Felicia, Bobby chose around 200 lighting fixtures including the 16 x Tetra2 moving LED bars to ensure that the whole experience would stay etched in everyone’s memories of the day!

Positioned upstage, the unique effects created with the Tetra2s included a fantastic evenly spread linear wash, mainly to highlight the elaborate décor, as well as a series of dynamic beam effects as the action dictated.

“Tetra2 produces excellent colours for lighting up decor, and can also do these amazing beam effects when used in ‘pixel mode’, and this can completely transform the nature and feel of the space,” noted Bobby.

He also loves the Tetra2’s ‘flower’ effect, mainly for the prism-like characteristics that you might usually get from a standard moving head light. “The fixture also works and blends well with almost any type of other light,” he stated. “It is so ultimately usable.”

This was the fourth time Bobby used Tetra2s in a design, and this is a trend that looks set to continue. It also enables him to continue adding stand-out creative elements to his wedding scene repertoire.

One of the keys to successfully lighting wedding events is having the flexibility in the rig to be able to tweak everything on setup, and also to maintain overall good quality lighting throughout all areas of the event.

There are also many components involved – client’s taste, the producer / conceptor’s core ideas, theming, décor and its placement and also logistics like load in, rigging and programming times together with numerous other practicalities.

Bobby uses a grandMA3 full size to programme and run lighting for all his events.

Photo Credit: Alvan Christian

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