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Robe specified for Turkmenistan National Circus

Robe moving lights and a DMX Control 1536 control desk have been specified for a new lighting rig installed at the Turkmenistan National Circus in Ashgabat.

These were supplied by Robe's Turkish distributor Atempo to construction company Efor Construction, which was also responsible for supplying the lighting and sound equipment into the Circus's newly upgraded 1100 capacity venue.

The technical specification stipulated that the moving light rig needed to be powerful, reliable and cost-effective, so 16 ColorSpot 1200E ATs and 12 ColorWash 1200E ATs were chosen, along with the DMX Control 1536 control desk and one Robe 1550FT fogger and 2 Robe Haze 400FT haze machines.

The deal was set up by Atempo's director and owner Mujdat Konuralp and their Asian sales director, Nejat Ogur.

Turkmenistan has a rapidly expanding economy, and the government officials who specified the technical elements of the new Circus building have used Robe products on a number of other projects over the last 2 years, and thought they would be perfect for this installation.

The colour range, particularly the reds, along with the standard set of gobos has impressed them about the 1200 Series of fixtures. Most importantly of all, with a circus being a dusty and tough environment for any electrical equipment, their prior first hand experience of Robe's quality engineering and durability was a deciding factor in the choice of fixtures.

Robe's DMX Control 1536 is the newest and the most effective controller in their current range. It has 3 DMX 512 outputs and can control up to 1536 DMX channels or 48 fixtures of up to 32 channels each.

The lights are rigged around the circular auditorium above the top tiers of seating on purpose built lighting positions, and also on trusses above the ring. They are used for highlighting all the action and performance in the ring and for creating drama and atmosphere during the show, of which they are a vital visual component.