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Robe Scores in World Cup Broadcasts for SABC

Robe ROBIN 300 Spot and Wash moving light fixtures are making a big impact in the World Cup Broadcast studio for SABC (the South African Broadcasting Corporation), which has been set up in Exhibition 1 at the Sandton Convention Centre, central Johannesburg.

All SABC's 2010 FIFA World Cup match coverage happens in this studio along with several other regular programmes which are broadcast from this temporary location for the duration of the World Cup.

The spectacular set is designed by Dewet Meyer and very much has lighting, depth and dynamics in mind. The lighting design is by Andre Rossouw of SABC and Francois van der Merwe of MJ Event Gear. Van der Merwe also programmed the show and is sharing operating duties with Theo Roodt. The equipment is supplied by MJ and SABC.

MJ brought in the moving lights - including the 36 ROBIN 300s which were purchased specially for this project - Robe Media Spinners, LED lights, trussing and control. All the white and studio lights are supplied by SABC.

Meyer's set features two distinctive semi-translucent trussing arches covered in white knitted material which absorbs lighting beautifully, and a series of scenic columns at the back in the same material, which also change colour with lighting. The floor is printed. It features lots of curves and is divided into 4 separate areas -  2 circular interview/presentation areas left and right, a centre stage section which can also be used for performances, and in front of that, a panel discussion area. The space can also function as one large environment if needed. There is a large projection screen at the rear, and numerous plasma screens dotted around.

The whole vibe is of vitality, spontaneity, colour and fun - in keeping with the cosmopolitan spirit of Africa and the excitement of the World Cup.

MJ Event Gear first invested in Robe products about 3 years ago. When they were confirmed for this job, it was an ideal opportunity to buy the latest technology - so the sale totalling 24 ROBIN 300 Washes and 24 ROBIN 300 Spots was co-ordinated by Robe's South African distributor, DWR.

The ROBIN 300 Washes are placed inside the pillars at the back of the studio and used for vibrant colour changing effects. The Spots are positioned on the floor at the back of the studio, used for behind-camera-candy and effects for 'beauty shots' and medium close-ups.

The ROBIN Spots are also in close proximity to some other 2K moving lights - where they more than hold their own in terms of visibility, despite being far smaller!

"They are absolutely phenomenal," states van der Merwe on the ROBINs, "The zoom is incredible, and they are a nice small unit, very punchy and perfect for up-lighting and washing sets".

Robe's Media Spinner 50s came into their own when it needed a bit of ingenuity for 8 large plasma screens dotted around the studio floor. Rossouw already knew about the capabilities of the Media Spinners, and when he looked through the show scripts, he realised that it would ideal to have a monitor that could rotate to show SABC branding on the reverse ..... for which, with the Media Spinners, they had the perfect solution.

All lighting in the studio and the Media Spinners are programmed into a grandMA console run by van der Merwe.

The studio is running for nearly 18 hours a day throughout the whole World Cup tournament.