Robe ROBIN® 300E Spot & ROBIN® 300E Wash lights Go Into Production

Robe's exciting new ROBIN 300E Spot and Wash moving lights are already in production after their launch at Prolight+Sound, Frankfurt.

The new fixtures are based on the Robe Innovative Technology – a philosophy committed to developing products based on the most inventive available technology. The Robin 300 Series will be ideal for multiple applications - including theatres, TV studios, churches, medium sized stage shows and live events, plus all types of professional installations.

Both fixtures are the result of extensive communication between Robe and designers, programmers, operators and rental companies operating in all areas of the professional lighting business.

The lightsource for both fixtures is the new Philips MSD Gold 300/2 MiniFastFit lamp with colour rendering index of 75, and with 2.000 hours of lamp life.

Electronic ballasts offer smooth dimming and real strobing effects, and the fixtures‘ electronic auto ranging power supplies works on systems of 100-240 V AC at 50/60Hz.

The pan and tilt movement can be either 16 or 8-bit resolution at 540° Pan/260° Tilt, and a user-friendly locking mechanism ensures safe and stable transportation.

Communication protocols are USITT DMX-512, ArtNet, MA Net, MA Net2 and RDM

Robin 300E Spot

The new Robin 300E Spot is a compact, hugely powerful and fully energy conscious profile fixture.

Onboard is a package of specially designed modular features including a large 10° – 40° linear zoom, CMY and CTO colour flags, static and rotating gobo wheels, colour wheel, frost, iris and many more. These provide the basic building blocks for any show.

Advanced features like variable frost, linear iris, rotating prism and fast mechanical shutters offer tools for subtle, detailed fine-tuning of effects and looks.

Robin 300E Spot light is a neat, punchy fixture with superior functionality including dynamic hot-spot control which is ideal for a numerous applications.

The base of the fixture has an RNS2 interface, the innovative Robe Navigation System, complete with LCD touch screen and battery backup with completely new function - service log. RNS2 also has gravity sensor for screen auto-positioning (patent pending).

The CMY and CTO dichroic colour flag system provides quick, smooth colour mixing, while the colour wheel offers 7 user replaceable magnetic "SLOT&LOCK" trapezoid shaped positions, plus open.

The fixture’s rotating gobo wheel has seven positions plus open for user-definable magnetic "SLOT&LOCK" gobos, and more options are available via the static gobo wheel, with another 9 "SLOT&LOCK" gobos, also user replaceable. A 3-facet 11° rotating indexable prism enhances the building of very complex effects.

The Robin 300E Spot has an extremely fast motorized iris, with opening and closing pulses of up to 3Hz.

Robin 300E Wash

The Robin 300E Wash is perfect for any situation requiring a wide and even wash of colour across a large area provided by a quiet and unobtrusive fixture, or for high-impact, soft-edged stage lighting.

It is dynamic, lightweight and silent with an extremely wide zoom of 4° – 40°.

The compact size makes the Robin 300E Wash easy to conceal, whilst providing a highly efficient wash effect in any colour from the gentlest of pastels to the richest of saturates. The enhanced CMY and CTO system mixes real colour correction quickly and accurately. The 7 (plus open) colour wheel with its easily replaceable magnetic positions can spin cool psychedelic high and low speed rainbow effects!

Robe’s novel new remote hot-spot control combined with the extremely fast iris maximises the lumen output across the full 4°- 40° beam angle range offering a unique and previously unseen visual feature.

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