Robe Presents a Full Spectrum at PLASA 2015

Products Involved

BMFL™ Blade
BMFL™ BladeBMFL™ Blade
BMFL™ Spot
BMFL™ SpotBMFL™ Spot
CycBar 12™
CycBar 12™CycBar 12™
CycBar 15™
CycBar 15™CycBar 15™
DL4F Wash™
DL4F Wash™DL4F Wash™
DL4S Profile™
DL4S Profile™DL4S Profile™
DL4X Spot™
DL4X Spot™DL4X Spot™
DL7S Profile™
DL7S Profile™DL7S Profile™
LiteWare™ HO2
LiteWare™ HO2LiteWare™ HO2
LiteWare™ Satellite2
LiteWare™ Satellite2LiteWare™ Satellite2
ParFect S1™
ParFect S1™ParFect S1™
Strobe™ / Strobe Lite™
Strobe™ / Strobe Lite™Strobe™ / Strobe Lite™

Building on the great success of the ‘Robe Arena’ at PLASA 2014 to mark the company’s 20th anniversary, this year Robe takes another large space at PLASA London in the ExCeL Centre, and will make a BIG impact with its newest products and technology, focusing on innovations specifically aimed at theatre and television lighting applications.

The powerful and superior features of the new DL7S LED profile fixtures will take centre stage, highlighting its incredible quality of light, subtle and intricate full spectrum colour mixing and high colour rendering index – all perfect characteristics for theatre and TV environments.

Also new will be The Square, bringing the possibility of combining video projection, pixel animation, beam effects and LED wash lighting in one fixture with continuous pan/tilt rotation movement; the ColorStrobe from Robe, an RGB version of the potent new LED Strobe from Robe; The Viva, an elegant brand new lightweight spot moving light fixture; and the PATT 2013 tungsten softlight, the first of a new range of retro luminaires from Robe for stage and studio.

Robe’s BMFL Blade – the newest fixture in the Czech manufacturer’s signature Bright Multi-Functional Luminaire (BMFL) range – is highlighted together with the hugely successful BMFL Spot.

More additions to Robe’s DL range include the DL4X Spot, DL4S Profile and the DL4F Wash, all with enhanced output and features; there are two new versions of Robe’s ParFect LED PAR fixture; the CycBar 15 a new LED batten fixture, and the white LED Strobe from Robe.

Robe’s Arena will be action-packed with numerous activities throughout the exhibition, including a spectacular lightshow every hour on the hour, and a 5 minute overview of all the key products on display which will run three times an hour.

The amazing ‘One Man One Light’ show was devised by top South African theatre LD Michael Broderick initially for Mediatech 2015 in Johannesburg, where it was a huge hit and has since performed at the Hilton Arts Festival in Durban. This will demonstrate the immense range of very subtle, beautiful and dramatic effects that can be produced using just one single Robe BMFL Blade luminaire with a ‘back-to-basics’ creative starting point.

Separate areas within the Robe Arena will feature the full touring exhibition stand of sister architectural LED sister company Anolis.

Robe’s LightWare series of long-life, super-bright battery powered LED products (now manufactured in the Czech Republic) will also be represented and in action in the Arena, together with a full range of MDG’s ground-breaking fog and haze products.

Robe’s famous hospitality and a warm welcome will be extended in a convivial environment via the multi-lingual team. Refreshments and drinks will be available and the Robe Arena will be an ideal meeting point, business and social hub for exhibition visitors.

Robe is again a platinum sponsor of PLASA London.

Robe Products at PLASA 2015

DL7S Profile™: The Full Spectrum

The DL7S Profile is the first DL range fixture to receive a powerful new 800W version of the LED engine with seven colours for unprecedented smooth, stable and even colour mixing and a very high CRI of 92.

From the deepest to the lightest colours the DL7S provides a rich full colour spectrum experience, and features custom colour mixing and dimming and seamless operation especially at the minimum brightness levels.

Four fast framing shutters within the optical path are individually controllable for position and angle and the entire framing module can be rotated. Crisp and soft frames can be used on projections, and a new series of effects is possible using a selection of pre-programmed shutter blade shape and movement sequences.

One rotating gobo wheel with six slot&lock gobo positions plus a static gobo wheel with 8 static gobos can be combined with the Animation wheel. Other effects and features include variable frost, rotating prism and super-fast iris.As with all the DL luminaire range, the multiple LED lightsource is completely homogenised.

The Square

Robe’s new Square offers the possibility of combining video projection, pixel animation, beam effects and LED wash lighting in one fixture with continuous pan/tilt rotation movement.

It comprises an LED matrix of 25 powerful RGBW multichips in a map-able array that can be controlled via traditional RGB channel or via network driven applications.

Nine individually controllable effects engines can beam effects or in-air animations. Five independent zooming layers enable ‘zoom waves’ and the simultaneous combination of beam effects in the centre and wash coverage around the edges.

BMFL™ Blade

The new BMFL Blade offers four fast shutter blades with smooth and precise movement, all individually angled and positioned within a frame which itself can rotate through 90 degrees for sharp or soft, precisely repeatable framing of projected images.

There are two gobo wheels which can be combined with the Animation wheel to create numerous funky effects and other fantastic Robe BMFL Blade features include exceptionally smooth linear dimming; high definition colour mixing; full width beam; output in excess of 250,000 lux at 5 metres – and the Robe EMS™ (Electronic Motion Stabiliser) technology.

The compact and aesthetically pleasing body weighs just 38Kgs.


This is the colour version of the LED Strobe from Robe which is THE brightest, best value, most sophisticated LED strobe-blinder effects unit on the market!!The ColorStrobe super-fast, intense bursts of high powered pulses optically harnessed from the 120 high powered RGBW LED chips which are adjustable in frequency, duration and intensity.

PATT 2013

Robe is now manufacturing this stunning luminaire designed by award-winning UK LD Tim Routledge, which is a carefully crafted fusion of retro aesthetics and NOW technology. PATT 2013 is a 750W tungsten softlight housed in a striking spun aluminium body accentuating its curves, featuring a reliable and easy-to-source 750W HPL lamp. It produces an excellent output and looks uber-cool so it can also be utilised as a practical / scenic lighting element.

Strobe™ from Robe

POWER is everything and the Strobe from Robe is THE brightest, best value, most sophisticated LED strobe-blinder effects unit on the market - Ultimately controllable, configurable and arrayable, it produces super-fast, intense bursts of high powered pulses optically harnessed from the 120 high powered white LED chips adjustable in frequency, duration and intensity.


Robe’s VIVA is packed with smart easy-to-use effects. The fixture is powerful yet expedient on energy, its 270W white LED light engine producing the extra punchy beam with an incredible 20,000 hours of operation! Vivid and radiant colours can be applied from two colour wheels and rotating or static gobos added for projections for mid-air effects. The smooth zoom can go out to 40 degrees at its widest and be softened with variable frost to create a gentle wash-like output or dynamic background projections.

DL4X Spot™

An improved and 30% brighter version of the ROBE RGBW LED module (lightsource) allows the DL4X Spot fixture to utilize specifically modified colour mixing and dimming for extra smooth, operation especially at minimum brightness levels. The colour outputs are brighter than a comparable 1200 Watt discharge unit and offer an average very eco-friendly power consumption of only 250 Watts! The optical system produces a super-smooth, high quality light output and an almost infinite selection of rich, beautiful colours with no shadows, and there is a versatile zoom of 10 – 45 degrees.

DL4S Profile™

Building on the massive success of the DL series of LED luminaires, the DL4S Profile has a new 30% brighter LED module, with specifically modified colour mixing and dimming for extra smooth, step-less operation. Four fast, smooth, framing shutters are within the optical path with individual control of each shutter blade position and angle, together with rotation of the complete framing module. New effects are available via pre-programmed shutter blade shape and movement sequences. Tungsten emulation allows seamless integration into existing traditional lantern lighting schemes.

DL4F Wash™

The perfect companion to the DL4S Profile and the DL4X Spot, the new DL4F Wash is based on the same powerful RGBW LED module, again offering improved brightness and specifically modified colour mixing and dimming for extra smooth operation at the minimum brightness levels. It produces a perfectly even light output via its front fresnel lens, and is optimized to give no shadows. Mechanical features include a newly engineered linear motorized zoom of 5.5° - 60°and a diffusion filter that extends the zoom up to 75°.

ParFect S1™

A powerful single source LED luminaire, the ParFect S1 is designed specifically to provide the highest quality of light.  It is available in different colour temperatures to suit the application – a crisp 6000k white for exhibition/display ... or a warm 2700K for stage performance.

CycBar 15™

The Robin CycBar 15 is a lightweight static 1000mm linear strip utilising 15 equally spaced super-bright RGBW multichip LEDs for enhanced 18bit colour mixing and linear dimming without RGB ’breakup’ or grey shadows. Fixed but re-definable beam angle lenses of 7.4°, 21.2° and 34.6° are available, and optional diffusers can also be used.


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