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LEDWash 600+™LEDWash 600+™

The Globe is a 2,200 square metre multipurpose event venue at the heart of Durban’s award-winning Suncoast entertainment and leisure complex in South Africa. It’s one of KZN’s and the country’s most popular event spaces … and recently took delivery of new Robe PAINTE and LEDWash 600+ moving lights.

The new fixtures are part of an ongoing upgrade programme that ensures the venue systems stay abreast of the latest and most appropriate production technologies to offer their clients and guests, and were delivered by Robe’s South African distributor, DWR.

At the centre of the drive to get the new kit was Thabo Ntsala, audio visual specialist / manager for Suncoast Casino, Hotels & Entertainment.

As head of the technical department in Durban, Thabo is responsible for the technical teams looking after all the audio and visual infrastructure in the complex, its ongoing technical requirements including managing and monitoring of the audio levels and content scheduling, as well as co-ordinating the stage lighting, sound and AV systems including the media matrix routing and integration and running of the evacuation system.

The new Robe kit was specified and installed as part of the venue’s rolling policy of re-shaping, re-hanging, and reprogramming the Dome’s lighting rig based on the various incoming production requirements and designs. “Versatility is always the key here,” stated Thabo.

He has been using Robe products for around 10 years and finds them “very reliable and always able to deliver those all-important WOW factors when needed.”

He adds that Robe is a brand that all designers are “familiar and feel comfortable with.”

The new PAINTES and LEDWash 600+’s join the venue’s existing Robe 600E Spots and LEDWash 600s, and the entire outer facade – which is substantial – is architecturally lit with Anolis – A Robe Business – fixtures.

“Again, we love the adaptability of these lights which enable the colour of the building to be adjusted for special events, commemorations etc., for example on Valentine’s Day, the building is spectacularly lit up in red!” he commented proudly.

Thabo notes that as Suncoast is so well known as Durban’s premier entertainment destination, every part of the guest experience – including for visiting artists – must reflect these expectations. “Related to that, it’s critical that we use the best products on the market for the various different applications.”

He adds that it’s also important to be as sustainable as possible, and the use of LED luminaires is essential for reducing excessive heat and therefore the need for more air-conditioning in the venue, as well as generally adding more value to their customers and artists.

It was Duncan Riley and the DWR team who initially suggested PAINTES would be a perfect luminaire for the Globe to replace their older spots, and once Thabo had seen a demo, he was delighted and happy to go with this suggestion.

PAINTE is the most compact of Robe’s current TE profile range, and has a perfect combination of small size, power and quality output needed for the Globe. The venue stages a wide variety of shows – concerts, cabarets, dance shows, awards presentation, corporate presentations, and some TV show segments are also recorded there!

The PAINTES have an advanced CMY colour mixing system and an impressive 14.900-lumen output of sparkling, clear, white light, and apart from all of that, Robe’s groundbreaking TE – TRANSFERABLE ENGINE – is another bonus which means no replacement bulbs are needed! Also, if a different type of LED engine is ever required, these can be swapped in / out thanks to Robe’s TE technology, which allows different or replacement LED engines to be fitted quickly and painlessly.

Thabo believes Robe is a “renowned and innovative” brand that aligns itself with top class events and show designs worldwide and he thinks that DWR is an “excellent” company offering service and support that is second-to-none. “DWR is so much more about offering long term and practical solutions, rather than just selling products,” he underlines.

Property Manager Wouter Du Toit was instrumental in supporting the department’s request for this technology upgrade and for understanding the importance of investing in new equipment for the venue.

Events Manager, Sameera Pillay was also very supportive. Thabo explains that Sameera and her team play a large and essential role in producing and co-ordinating all the amazing events staged in the venue.

Thabo started working with the Tsogo Sun Group in 2000 as an AV tech, initially at Montecasino in Johannesburg. In 2014, he was promoted to multimedia manager at the Silverstar Casino, also in Johannesburg, and in 2017 transferred to Suncoast in Durban as an AV specialist, a job and location he loves.

He enjoys the diversity of work and especially of the shows staged at The Globe which encompass anything from hosting world-class concerts and expos to sports screenings and car reveals to music concerts, festivals and large-scale weddings or celebrations.

There is never a dull moment in this lively environment, where he works with a brilliant and motivated creative and technical team who are all passionate and dedicated to their work and producing the best shows possible.

Photo Credit: Michael Broderick

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