Robe Makes Some Noise At LDI 2014

Products Involved

BMFL™ Spot
BMFL™ SpotBMFL™ Spot
LEDBeam 1000™
LEDBeam 1000™LEDBeam 1000™
LiteWare™ HO2
LiteWare™ HO2LiteWare™ HO2
LiteWare™ Satellite2
LiteWare™ Satellite2LiteWare™ Satellite2

Energy levels were pumped and spirits high on the Robe Lighting booth throughout the 2014 LDI Expo in Las Vegas - the US’s premier trade show for entertainment technology lighting and visuals - which saw three days of constant activity, high quality visitors and great interest in all the new products, especially the new Bright Multi-Functional Luminaire (BMFL) – shown for the first time at a US trade show.

The elegant, stylish and super-cool all-white booth was designed to maximise space and provide an ideal showcase for the power, colour and versatility of Robe’s newest technologies, together with the architectural LED product ranges of sister brand Anolis, all working together with seamless synergy.

Says Bob Schacherl, CEO of Robe Lighting Inc. "This is definitely the best LDI in Robe's history based on the responses to product presentations and the number of new customers who came specifically to see BMFL, and to express their desire to start buying and specifying Robe products".

A fabulous lightshow, designed to highlight all the latest products and in particular the BMFL - an ultimate luminaire aimed at stadium and arena shows and installations - along with the multi-purpose Pointe fixtures, saw people flocking to the stand every half hour.

‘The lightshow’ has now become a trademark visual element at Robe’s key exhibitions.

Other new products attracting interest included Robe’s LEDBeam 1000 and miniPointe, together with the new LiteWare range of battery-powered LED fixtures including HO2 uplighters and pole-mounted Satellite2 units".

Josef Valchar, CEO and General Manager of Robe s.r.o. comments, "I was absolutely thrilled at how well the BMFL has been received, and this underlines the great work by our R 'n' D department in developing a truly innovative signature product for Robe".

Robe Lighting Inc. was joined on the booth by a strong team of technical and marketing personnel from Robe International, offering direct communications and multi lingual product demos. This was a smart move, as in addition to key visitors from all over the US, there were numerous LDs, operators and rental companies from Latin America as well as from Asia, Australia and the Pacific rim, plus a marked increase in footfall from mainland Europe – including The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Sweden and Italy. 

Harry von den Stemmen, Robe’s International Sales Director states, "it's great to see the show attracting more visitors, we've had numerous premium guests at the booth, and the market is returning to good health as the economy becomes more buoyant. This generally positive mood is an ideal backdrop for us to introduce the BMFL. 2015 will be a strong year in the US market and we have already boosted the sales force in preparation".

In addition to imbibing the great atmosphere on the booth, Robe’s guests could join in with Happy Hour drinks on the first two days of the show as the company continued to celebrate its 20th anniversary year.

As the exhibition closed, Robe reported that 80 percent of the lighting fixtures featured on the booth had been sold during the show! Two full semis of kit had arrived from the Cooper City HQ in Florida … and only one returned, while plans were rapidly made to ship the various purchases to their new owners.

As a special feature, Robe also sponsored the LDI recharging area in the Las Vegas Convention Centre. All visitors could take advantage of this to recharge and power their devices or simply to chill out. There was also another chance to receive an alternative BMFL demo here … away from the buzz and activity of the stand.

After this great success, Robe has already confirmed it will return to LDI in 2015 … with another high impact presence!


Photo Credit: Louise Stickland

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