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CitySkape 48™
CitySkape 48™CitySkape 48™
CitySkape Xtreme™
CitySkape Xtreme™CitySkape Xtreme™
HAZE 400 FT™
HAZE 400 FT™HAZE 400 FT™
HAZE 500 FT Pro™
HAZE 500 FT Pro™HAZE 500 FT Pro™
LEDWash 300™
LEDWash 300™LEDWash 300™
LEDWash 600™
LEDWash 600™LEDWash 600™
MMX Spot™
MMX Spot™MMX Spot™
ROBIN® 600E Beam
ROBIN® 600E BeamROBIN® 600E Beam

Robe’s new Colombian distributor Codiscos SA recently staged hands-on technical demonstrations followed by a rock concert in the city of Medellin, all designed to illustrate first hand the capabilities of Robe’s latest technologies to potential clients.

The event was co-ordinated by Codiscos’s Sebastian Ochoa and attended by Robe’s Regional sales Manager for Latin America, Guillermo Traverso.

In Depth Demonstrations

The first day was fully dedicated to existing Codiscos clients, particularly those in the rental and staging markets, who were interested in seeing the newest Robe technologies now available for the first time on the Colombian market.

The featured products were ROBIN 600 and 300 LED Washes, MMX Spot, the ROBIN 600 Beam, CitySkape Xtremes and 48s, the LEDForce PAR 18 and a selection of Robe hazers.

Guillermo‘s in depth technical demos showed the features and functionality of the fixtures in detail and were followed by intense Q & A sessions. There was massive interest, and everyone was amazed to see just what could be achieved with the equipment.

Points specifically impressing attendees were the sheer power of the units and the quality of the colour mixing and optics, plus the speed of rotation, the overall versatility and just how small and ultimately portable these luminaires really are.

The individual ring control on the LEDWash 300 and 600s was a big hit, along with the flexibility and also the quality of the flightcases in which the products can be supplied.

Other plus points were the intensity and smooth colour-mixing of the LEDWash 300 and 600s, plus  their zoom. They are “In a class of their own” enthuses Sebastian.

With the MMX Spot, the superior brightness was much appreciated, together with the quality of the optics and the dynamic range of stunning effects.

The ROBIN 600 Beam was applauded again for brightness and its unique stage effects, while the CitySkape Xtreme impressed with its immense power and throw, making it ideal for illuminating very large surface areas with just a few fixtures.

Sebastian remarks that the power saving and efficient running made possible using Robe’s products, built to their ‘smaller, lighter, brighter’ concept is valuable to most of their customers, particularly those running the theatres and other installations and for rental companies.

Robe Rocks Medellin 

Of course, the best way to really show off what any product is capable of is in situ!

Codiscos has been associated with leading musicians and recording artists for most of its 64 year history, and was originally the record label for international superstar rocker Juanes (also a local hero from Medellin) during his early career.

The band Matute who played the concert on the second day is made up from top musicians all of whom are close to Juanes, making the concert at the 400 seater Teatro de Barro venue in central Medellin very special.

The concert was packed to capacity for the performance, and proved a hugely memorable experience and a great platform for Robe’s products to be launched with a massive bang into Colombia.

Lighting for the show was designed by Alex Cuartas from NegroEstudio and included all the Robe products that had been on the demo the previous day, producing some spectacular results!

Look to The Future

The whole event is part of Codiscos’ strategy of raising Robe brand awareness throughout Colombia, and Sebastian emphasises the importance of people being able to judge for themselves ‘The quality of the tools”.

He adds that they are confident “We will grow and be successful with Robe as the market is mature enough to discern and appreciate what the brand has to offer”.

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