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Robe Lighting s.r.o. agrees to Acquire Artistic Licence

Roznov, Czech Republic. Robe Lighting, the world’s leading entertainment lighting manufacturer, has agreed to acquire Artistic Licence, leaders in the design & manufacture of lighting control products and originator of Art-Net. The official announcement was made in the UK yesterday.

“This is a great acquisition for Robe”, stated Josef Valchar, CEO Robe Lighting s.r.o., “It provides products that complement our own production, and will add value to sales made throughout our global distribution network”.

The acquisition of the Artistic Licence business and products is an important part of the strategic growth plan of both Robe and Anolis brands. This purchase from Singularity UK holdings Ltd., has also enabled an ongoing product design agreement.

“I look forward to helping develop the Artistic Licence business using the significant Robe subsidiary and distributor network” said Wayne, “I am also excited to be involved with new product development for a brand leading business that has always been a key industry innovator”.

About Robe Lighting

The company is based in the Czech Republic and currently employs over 750 skilled staff worldwide, with wholly-owned subsidiaries in six key markets - the U.S., U.K., Middle East, Singapore (Asia Pacific), France and Germany plus a well-established worldwide distribution network covering over 100 countries.

Robe s.r.o. is very proud of its independence and private ownership which ensures that the business remains agile, efficient, decisive and focussed on producing genuinely creative and sustainable tools for professional lighting in an imaginative and exciting industry that constantly pushes the boundaries of innovation and what is possible.

Robe moving lights and LED lighting fixtures can be found everywhere, enhancing all genres of live performance from music to TV to drama and opera, lighting a myriad of diverse events as well as venues and other installations including those in the specialist world of architectural and environmental illumination.

About Artistic Licence

Artistic Licence was founded in 1988 by Wayne Howell. In the early days, the company was predominantly involved with rock ‘n’ roll and theatre lighting technology. However, Artistic Licence has expanded and diversified to cement a strong presence in the architectural and commercial world by focusing on the design and manufacture of solutions for the more technically demanding installations.

Wayne, the inventor of the Art-Net lighting protocol and recipient of the 2017 Gottelier award, has ensured the longevity of the business through innovation and adaptability. As a result, the company is highly regarded and it is now in a form that can serve the control infrastructure market for many years to come.

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