Robe LEDBeam 350s Are a Sound Investment for Audio Engineering

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LEDBeam 350™
LEDBeam 350™LEDBeam 350™

Robe’s LEDBeam 350 moving light continues to be super-hot and in demand worldwide including in South Africa, where distributor DWR keeps seeing this small, powerful, and highly versatile moving light fly off the shelves as fast as they can get hold of them!

Another recent LEDBeam 350 investor in Cape Town is Audio Engineering, a full production specialist founded in 1998 by Marcel Bezuidenhout initially as an audio supplier. The enterprise soon expanded in the early noughties with the addition of lighting and then video departments as Audio Engineering’s clients demanded full technical packages.

Audio Engineering has always had Robe moving lights, starting with ColorSpot 700E ATs, followed by LEDWash 300s, 300E Spots and Washes and then LEDBeam100s.

Since ramping back up post-pandemic, lighting investments have re-started to keep pace with the demand for LED screens which took off during Covid due to streaming events plus hybrid business meetings and presentations. This in turn triggered a specific need for pokey LED wash luminaires to compete with the ambient output of the screens.

“The time was also right to start renewing some of the lighting stock anyway, so we sought excellent good value and flexible products,” explained Marcel. Most of their business is corporates, with some concert and music work including the high profile Kirstenbosch Summer Sunset Concerts which always has an international artist line up.

“We wanted a fixture that was essentially a “bridge” between international concerts and small to medium premium end industrial events and something that could be useful for both! LEDBeam 350s are highly usable in multiple scenarios, either as an intense narrow beam or as a wash. They are compact yet powerful, small, fast, light and exactly what we need!”

Robe has found a sweet spot with this handy fixture that can instantly flip from a quality soft wash to a super-tight beam.

Audio Engineering also wanted a luminaire that was cross-rentable when they needed to boost the numbers, and thanks to the proactivity of DWR and the appropriateness of fixtures like the LEDBeam 350 for the South African market … that is exactly the case.

The company works with many freelance lighting designers on their shows. While most corporate shows are not specific about the exact fixtures, the pressure is always on to create a spectacular result. “To do that properly we simply need quality kit without compromises!” stated Marcel.

The service and support they know they can expect from DWR is another reason for keeping up the Robe stock.

Marcel and some of his team visited the Robe factory in the Czech Republic after Prolight+Sound in Frankfurt this year and were intrigued to see the complete production process in action and the great diligence and care that goes into making every fixture.

He notes that Robe’s product development is linear and consistent, over the years and the product lines are diverse with plenty of scope to cover multiple genres of show and event lighting.

On the verge of moving to new larger premises, Marcel is predicting a busy, interesting, and eventful year ahead.

Photo Credit: Louise Stickland

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