Robe Launches ROBIN® 300 Plasma Spot

The amazing new Robin 300 Plasma Spot moving head is the first in a unique and new generation of plasma lamp based fixtures from Robe.

Robe has always been dedicated to being at the forefront of new and emerging technologies, and is the first major moving light manufacturer to take advantage of this radical new technology from Luxim.

The Lifi (Light fidelity) lamp is a highly efficient electrodeless lamp that uses radio waves to create a plasma inside a small glass bulb (“TIC-TAC” lamp), emitting 95 lumens per Watt.

The Robin 300 Plasma Spot has a perfect colour rendering index of 94, an extremely flat and even light beam of 1:1.4 and a lamp lifespan of 10,000 hours.

The tiny plasma lamp also enables the fixture housing to be very compact in dimensions, making it a highly flexible unit for all types of applications – from live shows and events to installations of all types – large and small.

The plasma lightsource offers a smooth dimming capability between 20 - 100%.

The fixture has a linear motorized zoom range of 10° to 40° (patent pending), and on its base, the innovative RNS2 - Robe Navigation System - complete with LCD touch screen and battery backup, comes with a completely new function - service log. RNS2 also has a gravity sensor for screen auto-positioning (patent pending).

As with other Robe products, the fixture is packed with a host of features to ensure that designers and programmers have maximum creativity at their fingertips.

A CMY and CTO dichroic colour flag system works in combination with the Robin 300’s light homogenization system, providing seamless and very fast colour mixing (patent pending).

The colour wheel has 7 (and open) user-replaceable magnetic "SLOT&LOCK" trapezoid shaped positions, and the rotating gobo wheel also offers 7 (plus open) user-replaceable magnetic "SLOT&LOCK" gobos.

A static gobo wheel offers 9 (plus open) "SLOT&LOCK" gobos (also replaceable) and there is a 3-facet 11° rotating indexable prism.

The super-fast motorized iris has opening and closing pulses of up to 3Hz. Other features include a variable frost effect, mechanical shutter/dimmer, electronic dimming of 20 - 100% and strobing. Pan and tilt movement is available in either 16 or 8 bit resolution 540°/280°, and there is a locking mechanism for when the unit is in transit.

The fixture can be driven by a variety of communication protocols including DMX512, ArtNet, MA Net, MA Net2 and RDM, and its auto-ranging electronic power supply works on systems of between 100 - 240 V AC at 50/60Hz.

As you would expect, the Robin 300 Plasma Spot is quality engineered to Robe’s robust and exacting specifications, ready for use in the most demanding and challenging environments.


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