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Robe launches new MegaPointe worldwide

Robe goes Mega with the global launch of its much anticipated new multi-functional moving light fixture … the MegaPointe!

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This hugely innovative new “reference point” and landmark product is revealed worldwide on www.robe.cz from midnight - 12.00 a.m. Tuesday 5th September 2017 Central European Timezone (CET).

This follows a series of eye-catching and intriguing teaser videos “Now there is MEGA” which have generated a huge amount of excitement globally throughout lighting and visual communities.

MegaPointe is set to define new standards and expectations in moving light technology … taking the original concept of the all-in-one fixture … to a whole new level.

Utilizing an exclusive 470W short-arc lightsource, Robe’s diligently crafted MegaPointe optics produce phenomenally bright parallel beams, incredible spot gobo projections, together with super-quick movement, smooth CMY colour mixing and a multitude of effects available for splitting and shaping the light in Spot, Beam or Wash modes.

The zoom ranges from 1.8 to 21 degrees in Beam mode – tight, powerful and punchy, and goes from 3 to 42 degrees in Spot mode with crystal clear high-clarity output through a 150 mm diameter front lens, with a stunning total lumen output of 20.375 and an impressive CRI of over 80.

Inventive, different in-air projections can be created using the new Effects Engine, pre-loaded with 12 dynamic beam and flower effects, and can be further finessed using the beam shaper which can emulate framing shutter effects and create rectangular shapes as well as being rotatable and indexable.

Utilising the ‘light’ and medium’ frost filters with any combination of colours from the CMY mixing system produces a beautiful, smooth, even wash coverage.

There is a static 14-slot plus open gobo wheel fitted with glass gobos for precision surface projections and exciting in-air impressions, and a second wheel contains 9 rotating, indexable and replaceable gobos.

These can be combined with a variable speed, bi-directional animation wheel which can be used in conjunction with any of the gobos or on its own to enhance or produce exceptionally subtle and detailed effects and projections.

A remote adjustable hot-spot control can further influence the appearance of the lightsource, and there is yet more versatility with a series of pre-programmable ‘random’ strobe and pulse effects.

In keeping with Robe’s commitment to smaller-brighter-lighter fixtures … It weighs only 22Kgs (48.5lbs)!

MegaPointe draws on Robe’s expertise as a premium moving light manufacturer and has been developed by the R ‘n’ D team working in close collaboration with valuable input from lighting professionals to develop another outstanding product.

Robe’s Pointe –- revolutionary at the time - was launched in 2013 and led the way as the first truly multi-functional moving light taking the industry by storm and established new standards of flexibility and choice for LDs, programmers and operators. It continues to be one of the company’s best-selling products.

MiniPointe was launched in 2015 to bring all the well-loved Pointe dynamics to small-to-medium applications … and now the family is completed with the MegaPointe, which takes everything up several notches with refined touches enhancements like CMY colour mixing and blistering brightness.

This multi-functional, multi-purpose luminaire is perfect for live concerts, festivals, EDM & dance extravaganzas, TV productions, outdoor spectaculars and all types of live events and permanent installations.

The first MegaPointes were live in action a week before the launch … on the Main Stage production lighting rig designed by Sander den Otter for Mysteryland 2017, the Netherlands’ oldest and most original dance music extravaganza this year staged over two days at Haarlemmermeerse Bos, Amsterdam, and produced by ID&T.

MegaPointes made a big impact on the main stage of the first ever New Horizons EDM / dance music event at Nürburgring, Germany, part of a production design by Andre Beekmans from NL based creative practice, The Art of Light.

The launch is supported by worldwide product demonstrations and roadshows via Robe’s subsidiaries and distributor network – so everyone has a good chance to see the product for real, and the units are ready for immediate shipping.

MegaPointes will appear on their first international trade show at PLASA London, September 17th – 19th, where visitors can catch a live version of the uber-cool video launch show.

A full list of national MegaPointe launches is available below:

05.09.2017 Robe North America Nashville USA
05.09.2017 Robe North America LA USA
05.09.2017 Robe North America Las Vegas USA
05.09.2017 Newart Sao Paulo Brasil
05.09.2017 TSD Group Buenos Aires Argentina
05.09.2017 Santiago Santiago Chile
06.09.2017 Light Partner Copenhagen Denmark
06.09.2017 Robe North America Chicago USA
06.09.2017 LTG Tokyo Japan
07.09.2017 Norsk Sceneteknikk Oslo Norway
07.09.2017 Robe North America Cooper City USA
08.09.2017 ArcSource Hong Kong China
11.09.2017 Robe North America       Dallas USA
11.09.2017 Robe AP Singapore Singapore
12.09.2017 Showco Mexico DF México
12.09.2017 NaN ALMADA Portugal
12.09.2017 Controllux Gent Belgium
14.9-16.9.2017 Robe Russia Moscow Russia
19.09.2017 Forte Music Sofia Bulgaria
20.09.2017 Robe DE Ismaning Germany
21.09.2017 Avcom Bogota Colombia
22.09.2017 Avcom Medellin Colombia
22.09.2017 LAV Studio Zagreb Croatia
22.09.2017 EES Madrid, Barcelona  Spain
25.09.2017 Signal Vienna Austria
26.-27.9.2017 F-Musiikki Helsinki Finland
26.09.2017 Danor Tel Aviv Israel
26.09.2017 Prolight Warsaw Poland
27.09.2017 Bellalite Stockholm Sweden
27.09.2017 Robe France Paris France
27.09.2017 EES Barcelona Spain
28.09.2017 Bellalite Gothenburg Sweden
02.10.2017 MK Lighting Ljubljana Slovenia
06.10.2017 AVL Trade Budapest Hungary
18.10.2017 Senia Bucharest Romania
02.11.2017 DWR Johannesburg South Africa
to be announced  Samat Show Technics Almaty Kazakhstan
to be announced Robe North America Montreal Canada
to be announced Robe North America NY USA
to be announced Mega Sound Athens Greece
to be announced Senia 999 Romania
to be announced Audiotech Switzerland
to be announced RM Multimedia Italy


Photo Credit: Louise Stickland

Robe launches new MegaPointe worldwide
Robe launches new MegaPointe worldwide
Robe launches new MegaPointe worldwide
Robe launches new MegaPointe worldwide
Robe launches new MegaPointe worldwide
Robe launches new MegaPointe worldwide
Robe launches new MegaPointe worldwide