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LEDBeam 100™
LEDBeam 100™LEDBeam 100™

The brief for designing the lighting at Next nightclub in the Ramada Paramaribo Princess Hotel in Suriname was to make it funky, fun and classy explained Michael Pereira from Streamline Systems. That is why he chose Robe and Anolis for the main elements of the lighting installation.

Streamline Systems is headquartered in Trinidad & Tobago and specializes in the design of high quality sound, lighting and video systems throughout the Caribbean, and Michael has been using Robe and Anolis products in his work for some time. He appreciates the quality, features and cost-effectiveness of both brands.

For Next – the seventh venue for which Streamline has designed and specified technical systems for their client Princess International – he chose 72 x Anolis ArcSource 4 MCs and six Robe ROBIN LEDBeam 100s which were at the heart of the lighting rig.

The club occupies a single level on the first floor of the hotel and is part of a wider project for Streamline which involved supplying audio, video and lighting systems for the hotel including a large casino, two restaurants, lounge and pool deck. They were able to work on the design in advance to ensure that the necessary infrastructure was in place to support the technical systems.

The LEDBeam 100s are positioned around the dance floor in a circle where, in addition to lighting this area, they can illuminate the stage when it’s in use. They are great for key-lighting DJs and performers with their built-in selection of color temperature whites.

Also above the dance floor is a series of retro-style reflective balls which are part of the interior design theme. These work beautifully with the LEDBeam 100s and bounce light and reflections around the room.

The Anolis ArcSource 4MCs are used to downlight the walls of the club providing a cozy ambient glow throughout the space.

Michael commented that the tiny LEDBeam 100s, weighing less than 9 lbs each, bring the club alive – although there are only six of them! “They are bright enough for a stage wash and also make great strobes – so truly multifunctional!” he declared.

Apart from all these positive points, the client was even more impressed when informed that all six LEDBeam 100s could all be run off one circuit of electricity – low power, minimal heat emissions and highly reliable – all the fundamentals needed for club lighting!

The Anolis ArcSource 4MC was picked from numerous LED options because its multi-chip LED and finely tuned light engine offers both real homogeneity and a great variety of colors, and the options on angles of the LEDs enable many different surface areas to be covered. In this case, they are matched to the different heights across the venue, producing smooth, even effects throughout.

Ten ArcSource 4MC fixtures can be driven from a single channel of the dedicated ArcPower driver via standard CAT5 cabling, a bonus in areas where fixtures are inaccessible or difficult to reach.

He adds that the level of support and service he receives from the Robe USA’s head office in Florida is always a major consideration when choosing fixtures.

The lighting at Next is controlled via a PC-based system which is user-friendly and a house lighting technician manages the kit day-to-day.

The LEDBeam 100 is currently one of Michael’s favorite fixtures and is the smallest, lightest, brightest and fastest moving head he’s used to date – and throughout the years he’s tried most of them! “It’s an absolute joy to install,” he concluded.


Photo Credit: Streamline Systems

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