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Robe Hits It Hard at Rage Festival

Robe moving lights were right at the heart of the action for the 2013 Rage Festival staged in Balito and Umhlanga KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.

The sizzling multi-venue melting pot of superlative EDM  and hip hop is the ultimate rite-of-passage event for students ending their final matric year … with two weeks of constant partying at the Rage.

The Sound Factory stage was a new addition for the 2013 event, which quickly became ‘Party Central’ with a fantastic line up of local and international DJ and live band talent.

Lighting Designer Bradley Bruchhausen – a big Robe fan - was asked to light the Sound Factory by Cape Town based creative solutions specialist Kilowatt AV, and they in turn  brought in Durban based Hirezone to supply the equipment. 

The lighting equipment was supplied by Durban based Hirezone and  included eight Robe ROBIN 600E Spots, six ROBIN 600E Beams and 12 x ROBIN LEDBeam 100s plus other moving lights, a selection of generics and an Avolites tiger Touch for control.

Two ‘crab-style’ truss arches approximately 6 metres wide by 7 high straddled the inside of the large saddle-span tent, one mid-way and the other towards the back of the tent, which provided all the lighting positions.
The LEDBeam 100s were rigged in a pyramid shape on trusses spanning between the two arches, facing towards each other and run in Mode 6 to take advantage of the zoning effects.

The 600E Spots were on the same truss spans just in between the top two LEDBeam 100s, while the 600E Beams were onstage on top of trusses keeping the LED walls in place. They integrated perfectly with the set and structural elements and provided the “Stadium sized beam work” required to give the various shows their WOW factor. They were re-positioned most nights to keep the look of the space fresh and ever-changing.

The 600E Spots were Bradley’s main ‘painting’ tool. He used them to produce crisp texturing, both on the stage which was some distance away and onto the white celling which was a lot nearer in range, all of which looked very cool!

The 600E Beams were used as sharp-shooting columns of light and – with the help of the frost – also as wash effects. Using this technique behind the artists created dramatic silhouettes.

Such is the intensity of the beam … that it had to be kept at a safe distance from the tent material!!

This all resulted in a stunning series of shows with the dynamics and excitement needed for the two weeks of performances and reveling!

Bradley – a freelance LD until very recently when he joined the team at DWR Distribution opening up their new Cape Town Branch – uses Robe in his design work whenever possible.

He loves Robe’s MMX Blade and the Pointe in particular. The Pointe for its phenomenal power, small size and 6 + 8 facet prisms because it adds a special touch to any gig.

He sees a big market industry-wide for the MMX Blade as a fixture that can light all situations from a single speaker at a lectern to a full-on show.

On Robe generally he says, “I think the brand is very strong and one of today’s market leaders  .. and I am really proud to now be representing Robe in Cape Town”.